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30 Jun 2016
A 4th of July Blast from the Past
Fourth of July Roundup\sophie-world.com

Working the way I do, I often become obsessed with a certain craft or material.  For example, right now I am completely obsessed with pool noodles and the things I can make from them - rockets, flowers, critters, etc. I get this from my dad.  He is one of those guys who loves hobbies.  During my childhood, he embraced everything from managing a softball league, to raising coi, to riding the highways on his tricked out Harley. My Deed would become an expert in his hobby du jour. His fascination could last for years. However, once he was done with it, he was done with it.  In many ways it is the same for me with my party planning.  I find there are themes, games and activities that I use constantly for a period of time. Then, I discover something new (like pool noodles) and I drop them and move on to my newest infatuation.  

As 4th of July rolls around, I find myself reflecting back on some of the fun projects and content that I created for this blog. I realize that there is some really fun stuff that has been relegated to the dusty back shelves of my website.  

Classic decor

Sadly, when one has over 800 pages of content things tend to get lost in the shuffle.  Which is why I thought it would be fun to bring back some of the “blasts from the pasts” this 4th of July.

Duct Tape Sparklers

We’ve got a ton of fun stuff; from planning a backyard picnic, to jewelry, games, a duct tape American Flag, even tips on how to decorate your bike.


Decorate your bike for the Holiday Parade

I hope this trip down memory lane will light the fuse for your own 4th of July celebration!