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10 Jun 2019
25 Reasons to Love Archery | Sophie's World

Every year I run this amazing week-long summer camp. Our favorite day, hands down, is always the "backyard ballistics" day, where we, quite frankly, spend the day making weapons.  We made catapults, marshmallow shooters, potato guns, mini crossbows, you name it.  But by far, our favorite invention was when the boys made their very own bow and arrows.  It was amazing.  They spent hours getting the tension just right on their bows, and then even more hours creating the perfect aerodynamic arrows.  There was just something very primal and cool about creating something that could actually fly on a planned trajectory.  

I think that's why this article from Target Crazy caught my attention.  This site is an immense wealth of bow and arrow knowledge. If this blog post piques your interest, the rest of site will send you in the right direction to get started.  

Like many sports, archery teaches kids some very important skills from focus, to problem-solving, dealing with failure, balance and strength.  It's an equalized sport in that both girls and boys can excel at pretty much any age.  And like golf, archery is a sport that both young and old can share. There is no age restriction on when one can begin, other than being able to find a bow that fits your strength level and arrows that meet the safety requirements of your age. One can continue the sport well into their later years.  

All in all, it may be one of those great unsung arts.  I think archery may suffer a bit from the stigma of not really being thought of as a sport.  When I think of archery, the first thing that pops into my head is Legolas from Lord of the Rings.  However, if you are looking for something new to engage your kids this summer why not give this article a look-see

You might just find its right on target.