Discussion in 'Technical Chat' started by bko1, Oct 15, 2010. My 2008 Tundra's tranmission went out last week when attempting to shift from 4 WD high, into 4wd lo, then back into high. Here in this blog,the author has shared some signs of a failed automatic transmission. then it runs great the test of the way, My 2010 Chevrolet impala transmission has a problem. My Mechanic told me to change the transmission completely…what should I do. Apart from this, degraded transmission oil couldn’t provide proper lubrication hence affects the performance of the transmission oil in a very negative way. 1.5 to 2 seconds) from the moment you make your gear selection (D or R), to the moment you feel the transmission engage. Failure to do so can lead to problems with transmission shifting or to malfunction in the operation of the automatic transmission. When you shift your vehicle from park to drive is there a delay? Dude , get a grip . My issue is this: when I come to a complete stop, the car gives a small jolt. Sometimes a little \"persuasion\" will temporarily fix the issue.Before you head online and drop the cash on a new actuator, try moving the truck a short distance forward and backward. Pinging is currently not allowed. Intermittent shifting occurs as slow speeds, with the vehicle acting like the transmission is in neutral. 2010 toyota tundra 5.7 transmission problems Transmission is slow to engage and is getting worse. Replacing the automatic transmission fluid and filter helps prevent hardened seals and a delayed engagement. 7l engine and 6 speed auto transmission. Get your transmission serviced before it fails! Didn't notice until I had owned it a few days. I make sure not to hit the gas until I feel the tranny engage. On the older model Tundra, there is a dipstick for the transmission to determine fluid levels. It may feel like we are driving in a certain gear and it changes for no apparent reason. Transmission fluid is an important part of transmission. Expect the clunking of gear shift changes. Use the procedures below when checking automatic transmission fluid level. Listen pookie, I've been rebuilding transmissions/hydraulics since 1982. Throttle pressure's affect on transmission operation differs between a hydraulically controlled transmission (non-ECT) and an electronically controlled transmission (ECT). Transmission fluid is an important part of transmission. My transmission has been slow to engage when cold. An automatic transmissions advantages are pretty clear, drivers can focus more on the road, drive with one hand, there is no need for constant shifting in stop-and-go traffic and countless other reasons. One of these signs is automatic transmission slipping. . If it doesn't solve the problem, you may need to replace the shift solenoids. My transmission has been slow to engage when cold. Next, turn the wheel from left to right, lock-to-lock a couple of times. I called teachnition he said star after 6 hours,I started ok started vehicle normally. Overheated transmission: If you experience a loss of power, smoke coming from your car, a burning smell, or erratic shifts you need to pull over immediately. THEY MUST COMPLETE THE FULL CHECK. The best transmission fluid available won’t fix a broken transmission. Synthetics don’t contain waxes, as conventional fluids do, so they remain fluid at lower temperatures for improved shifts during cold weather. These occurrences may also indicate that important friction materials and transmission bands are unable to fully engage a gear, meaning significant system damage has already occurred. Sometimes we may feel like we are driving in a certain gear and it changes for no apparent reason. It also does it when going into Drive but it's not as bad. If the transmission fluid is low on amount, then you will have a temporary delay after you move your gear stick to reverse or drive. With the manual transmission slowly fading away in the sunset, many drivers are choosing the ease of an automatic shifting transmission. I have 2003 Kia Sedona lx. Billion Auto Group hopes these 4 classic signs of a failing transmission will help you notice the problem before it becomes an expensive repair to fix. Learn more here about your vehicle's transmission! My car has been having a hard time shifting into gear, and I’m not sure why. I have susuky every car production year 2017.lsdt month one day morning I was washed and start after the washed switch off. Leaky transmission fluid is a bad sign, and if you notice that your gears are slipping, it means that transmission failure is sure to follow. Oct 15, 2010 at 1:45 PM #1 #1. bko1 [OP] New Member. Is this normal as well? Please help! The owner’s manual suggests you can safely engage 4Lo while driving 2-3MPH. Automatic transmission fluid contains conditioners that help to keep seals pliable.