Across broad industry sectors . More than 400 participating companies . salary package of N$281 616 in the lowest notch of scale C5.An employee in the country's para­statals at this level would only earn around N$186 730.Middle management in the category D earn as Remuneration is analysed into pay ranges showing percentiles, as well as averages. The Paterson Job Grading System is method where jobs are evaluated based on predefined criteria. • Target pay-out based on 120% of CTC for CEO • Maximum pay-out set at 240% of CTC for CEO • Allocation based on remuneration grade • Target pay set as a percentage of cost to company per participant • Subject to share price appreciation, return on capital target and total shareholder return relative to the sector • Gatekeeper criteria I am hoping someone may be able to assist me regarding the 'Patterson Grade' salary scales. South Africa’s Nr 1 Paterson Job Grading company. Paterson Grades 1. top management, senior management, mid management, junior management etc). Students in South Africa receive an average remuneration package of R397,911, a R911 increase since 2009. How much does Harmony Gold Mine in South Africa pay? Accurate, reliable salary and … These all correspond to organisational levels. My company refuses to share the information with me and I think it is mainly because they pay me less than the minimum but let me have the responsibilities that go with the grade. Paterson is the only non-points-based job grading system available and is widely used in the African Continent. The average Harmony Gold Mine monthly salary ranges from approximately R 6 176 per month for Operator to R 37 858 per month for Fitter. The six grades, also called bands, define pay scales. Their years of training and expertise mainly contribute to their earnings. It analyses decision-making in job tasks, and categorises jobs into six groups that are graded and grouped into two to three sub-grades. All rights reserved | Developed by, ( The Paterson System Job evaluation/grading is the classification of jobs according to a job grading system such as Paterson, Peromnes, Hay, Castellion or simply a semantic scale describing occupational levels (e.g. It analyses decision-making in job tasks, and categorises jobs into six groups that are graded and grouped into two to three sub-grades. Many of them are proprietary systems that belong to consulting firms. These provide current market related pay and benefits data for over 800 positions at all organisational levels across virtually every sector. Public Service Co-ordinating Bargaining Council, © 2020 PSCBC. By the same token, organised labour also revised their salary and wage demand from the original 15% to 10% and the latter was further applied on the other related demands such as the These factors include stress, individual tolerance, length of job and number of responsibilities. The Paterson Job Grading System is method where jobs are evaluated based on predefined criteria. Copyright Protected 2020, All rights reserved. Slide 3 Namibia and South African Remuneration Trends 17 June 2013 Further expansion into Africa during 2012/13. Job evaluation tells you the ‘size’ or ‘weight’ of the job. My pay slip shows I am a C5 WR. The average annual basic salary for CIMA students working in South Africa is R364,198 with an average bonus of R33,713. Job evaluation or job grading involves - describing a job in the smallest detail - grading that particular job in relation to other jobs within the same unit, branch, or industry - laying down wages accordingly There are a number of different job evaluation systems used in South Africa. Doctors in South Africa earn approximatelyR72,800 per month, making them one of the highest-paid civil servants in the country. The average salary for South Africa’s workforce as at August 2018 is R20,860 a month, up from R20,163 in July 2018, and R19,865 in August 2017. This Salary Review has been compiled exclusively for South African job seekers and the HR/Recruitment industry to give a true representation of cost-to-company salary packages in South Africa. The Paterson grading system is an analytical method of job evaluation, used predominantly in South Africa. 75% of the top 100 companies . zip, 893 KB ), ( We understand the entire Job Grading (Evaluation) process and also provide our clients with training on Job Grading specifically the Paterson grading system. 012 664 5834. Specialist recruitment firm Michael Page has published its latest salary survey, showing what skilled professionals in 164 different jobs in South Africa can expect to earn in 2018. South Africa is no exception and the publication of the third King Report on Governance for South Africa 2009 (the “Report”) and its accompanying Code of Governance Principles for South Africa 2009 (the “Code”) on 1 September 2009 – collectively referred to as “King III” – has launched South Africa into a new era of governance. The said Act has been replaced by the National Gambling Act, 2004 (Act C4 JOB GRADE: PATERSON REMUNERATION SCALE: R297 428 - R411 667 DATE: 28 OCTOBER 2013 The National Gambling Board (“the board ”) was established as a schedule 3A public entity in terms of the repealed National Gambling Act, 1996 (Act No. Email. The average salary for IT professionals and executives in South Africa in 2018 is: R42,673 per month – up from R41,455 in 2017. Facsimile. They all do the same thing. REMchannel® South Africa . Solution Salary Surveys P E Corporate Services enjoys a reputation as one of the country’s leaders in salary surveys and compensation reports.