Meistertask is an intuitive platform for online task management. Have … Cvent is a cloud-based an event management and planning platform, allowing planners to manage all aspects of an event, such as online event registration, venue selection, event management, mobile apps for events, e-mail marketing and Web surveys. You can find all the examples of SaaS facts, Saas statistics, Saas Industry and  Saas examples. It has the data on more than 5K companies) Reply. List of SAAS companies Get contact information of Top decision makers like Founder, CEO, CFO, CMO, CTO, Marketing head, HR head, Finance head along with headquarters, no of employees, revenue, founded year, industry in these companies. Domo delivers a SaaS-based platform that helps CEOs and business leaders obtain business intelligence from business data without requiring the executives to know BI skills. Seamless space booking wherever and whenever you want. About the company: Workday is an enterprise-level SaaS company with multiple SaaS products used for financial management, human resource management, and planning. 86% of businesses that are using SaaS products have reported having experienced higher employee engagement. The result is a flood of activity among SaaS companies that shows no signs of slow down. 60 Kick-Ass Team Communication, Collaboration, and Productivity Quotes for the Goal-Oriented Entrepreneurs! It launched SaaS services for payroll, time and attendance, training, HR, and benefits in 2013. About the Product: iBUZR is a non-intrusive messaging platform developed by Tvisha Technologies, SaaS company, which sans the bother of being disturbed constantly. 31! The definitive ranking of the private companies to know in tech’s hottest sector. About the Company: Taskrabbit, a SaaS company, connects the everyday service providers like plumber, carpenter, movers, electricians with house owners, which means the people who need those services. For example, it syncs customer contacts and leads across all the apps in the organization. New companies are being launched, and most impressively, old guard software firms are engaging in impressive reinventions as SaaS providers. Top 75 SaaS Companies of the Decade. Its web-based solution is easily accessible from mobile platforms, such as iPads and iPhones. SaaS Capital is in a unique position to understand SaaS company valuations because we have witnessed 29 of our companies raise equity or exit in the last 5 years. Since our list is extensive, we have included a shorter one below. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear. Apptio is a provider of business management solutions for CIOs to better manage the business of IT. Dropbox. Advertiser Disclosure: Some of the products that appear on this site are from companies from which TechnologyAdvice receives compensation. It’s a one-stop solution for business and leisure travel. About the Company: With Paycom, you can pay your employees on time and accurately. About the Company: Wix is a highly intuitive and easy to use website builder. Get a Complete View of relevant data from the organization’s system, Faster Investigations enabling users to fix issues in real time, Reduced downtime that keeps a mission-critical app up and running, Faster time to innovate and improve app release. The tool can be easily integrated with: Specific strategies of customer retention, Free pricing model with all essential features, Frequent mapping out of customer experience. As for the total number of SaaS companies, the current global estimate is 25,000+ according to EasyLeadz. Read on to know. Slack didn’t build too many features, rather focused on establishing a few of them very well. One of the reinventors, the company has moved its desktop productivity suite Office to the cloud and now Office 365 outsells the packaged, client version. Atlassian Jira is one of the project management tools that is used by agile teams. It has multiple messaging apps for sales and marketing campaigns, as well as others that support clients. PieSync is a cloud-based platform that performs and automates the data entry or data transfer so that the data can be transferred or exchanged quickly between the apps, resulting in faster data sync and actualization. The big daddy of the list, this is the company that launched the concept based around customer resource management (CRM). Building a most important social network for software engineers, Facilitating integration of tools that a user has been using through integrations. About the company: Dropbox is where you bring together all your content and files. See … Yup, Forbes had a whoopsies – that they … Looking for the list of the top, best, and fast-growing SaaS startups, products & companies in 2020 of India & Worldwide ?. It can integrate contacts from an existing CRM tool and create a fresh mailing list. With this tool, employers can oversee time tracking, employee data, expense management, financial accounting, and procurement. CLOUD ARTICLES, CALIFORNIA – DO NOT SELL MY INFORMATION. The SaaS product’s ability to allow real-time attendance has helped it get an identity in the market. Blackbaud is a provider of software and services designed specifically to help non-profit organizations more efficiently operate and engage in things like fundraising, building relationships, marketing, advocacy and Web management. Box started as a cloud storage firm but has expanded to offer file collaboration and editing services to files stored on its servers. Looking for SaaS solutions? Years ago, much of the emphasis in the tech industry was around packaged software. Ringcentral provides business communications solutions to various organizations. Paychex is a 46 year old company that, along with its subsidiaries, provides payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. New Relic is a leading digital intelligence company, delivering visibility and analytics into Web site application and mobile app performance and real-time monitoring. Its key features are automatic bank and credit card account feeds, invoicing, accounts payable, expense claims, fixed asset depreciation, purchase orders, and standard business and management reporting. Handling of accounting tasks from an analytical perspective, native accounting functions, Account Identifier for an additional way of labeling accounts, Account plan dashboard that helps manage activities around key accounts, Offering Veeva CRM for iPhone and Android phones, Offering actionable insights through deploying questionnaires, Omnichannel customer communication platform, Technological and financial partnership with UniSender, Integration with Slack, WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, and others, Regular new feature releases (custom inboxes, snooze chat, mobile SDKs are the most recent ones). SaaS Mag announced their annual SaaS 1000 List – a ranking of the world’s fastest-growing SaaS companies, and ChurnZero Ranks No. 1. Teem is a platform for booking rooms or venues for scheduling conferences. Google. SaaS products are certainly creating incredible benefits, including increasing employee satisfaction, bolstering communication, and reducing costs. The payments are processed faster so that your efforts to hire, retain, and engage employees are never blemished by errors. And it not just any one industry that is growing, SaaS companies have touched industries like healthcare, ecommerce, BFSI, and many more. Let’s begin with a unicorn. Offers cloud-based customer service, with features like support tracking, purchase tracking, billing, shipping, and other customer data. 37 Best SaaS Companies & SaaS Products. SurveyMonkey offers a cloud-based online survey and questionnaire platform for companies to gather survey-related information. Xactly offers a suite of products designed around sales and finance management to design, build, manage, audit and optimize sales compensation management programs. Using GitHub, you can host and review codes, build software, and manage projects alongside 40 million developers. Using Click2Magic, you can seamlessly connect with your customers and simultaneously resolve their queries. CodeSignal facilitates certifications, which are the standardized tests as specified by the clients. Google is more than just a search engine. The Free plan with all the basics for startup businesses helped MailChimp make a mark in the industry. One of the world’s best-known payroll management brands has gone to the cloud to offer Human Capital Management, involving HR, payroll, and employee benefits. Why Is It an Effective Defense Against cyberattacks. 73% of businesses are planning to shift as a SaaS company in the next few years ( From one-on-one messaging to audio/video, calling, live location tracking to file sharing, and integrations, there’s so much to do with this SaaS product and this is considered as one of the fastest-growing saas company, Reaching out to customers that are looking for Slack Alternatives. The SaaS solution market was worth 407 million dollars in 2016 and has grown 3x by 2020, according to Nasscom. Cornerstone OnDemand provides cloud-based talent management software solutions that go beyond the basics of HR applications for things like recruitment, training, succession management and career guidance. Believe us or not, a new type of workplace has already emerged: SaaS-powered workplaces that rely less on the office desk, and more on the internet connection. Marketo develops marketing automation software that provides inbound marketing, social marketing, CRM, and other related services. Click an image to go straight to your favourite SaaS company in the UK: Subscribe to our blog post. It provides packaged applications that can be run on any preferred platform, while offering a broad catalogue of applications ready to run on the servers. Veeva systems develops several types of cloud-based applications targeted at cloud-based industries including life sciences. Here we have compiled a list of SaaS companies who have redefined the way things work and will be worth looking out for in the upcoming year. Lets talk about female lead or female founded SaaS companies. B2B SaaS companies help customers analyze their data and AdRoll has been successful in doing the same. We’ve put together a list of 30 UK SaaS companies to keep your eye on in 2020. Provides financial management and human resources management to enterprises, with emphasis on complex, global industries as well as government. Top Saas Companies. Compared to a conventional company, a SaaS company is 52% more likely to attract better talent, and in that process, succeed more. About the company: Slack is a messaging application that boasts of having onboard companies like BBC, Oracle, IBM, and more. It provides cloud-based communication services, including conferencing. It helps run both the Website and store front and manage inventory from both. It automates spending limits and ensures compliance with organizational policies. Messenger Office Chat app – Make your office communication flawless and absolutely secure. A popular online software development tracking and version control repository, it is particularly popular with open source projects. This SaaS product is built for software teams that are planning to plan, release and track great software. Give enough space to your business to grow. Troop Messenger work chat app and enjoy the experience, Subscribe our newsletter and get notifications to stay update, What is Air Gap Defence Technology? About the Product: Time Dynamo is a work-force attendance management software designed to ease the efforts needed for employee attendance and recording in a large enterprise. KnowBe4 provides security awareness training related to various classes of security issues. Drag and Drop tool for customization requirements, Offering a platform where one can create a website and manage the business as well- at one place, Facility to build customer relationships right from the website, Dedicated Support team to help customers along the way. It conducts testing and uses machine learning to identify and eradicate vulnerabilities. Indian SaaS companies like Zoho and Freshworks have grown tremendously since then. Analytics that help businesses create a better workplace experience, Web-based visitor experience to improve security and save time, Navigation and wayfinding solutions that make it easy for attendants to find their way. About the Company: HelpCrunch is an omnichannel customer communication tool that combines live chat, help desk, email automation, popups, and knowledge base. Practical Ignition provides client management software with multiple features and benefits. 1. Help Centre for valuable customers through Mobile and Web Application, Provide Support even when agents are on the move, Availability for both iOS and Android devices. Use Fleetsmith performs automated device management for all Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad and MacBook. It provides services like cross-channel management to ensure that businesses are able to perform according to the goals that they’ve set for themselves. Spendesk also helps to develop intuitive and interactive reports on expenses and reimbursement. Instead of investing in additional in-house server capacity and software licenses, companies simply can adjust their Software as a Service subscription on a monthly basis, scaling consumption requirements up and down based on project demands and other variables. Targeting the companies that faced backlash due to unskilled labors, Making Skill Development a strategic priority, Safeguarding against the security threats. And it is estimated that the majority of companies will have 80% of their apps as SaaS by 2020. The concept was there over half a century ago, and the first SaaS app is almost thirty years old now. security, ease of use, IP ownership, secured & monitored entry etiquette and many more. AWS vs. Azure vs. Google: 2020 Cloud Comparison. Salesforce is the world’s largest provider of cloud-based CRM (customer relationship management) solutions. These controls can be built into web-based apps as well as devices. Onboarding leading companies like Hp, Box, Lyft, and more. This company is the pioneer of SaaS and it holds the highest SaaS market cap. Looking for the list of the top, best, and fast-growing SaaS Startups, products & companies in 2020 of India & Worldwide ?. Wait for a couple of more years and your workplace will never be the same again. When once owning the software was imperative, now the ability to access the software is what matters. In todays day and age its possible to launch a company from anywhere. SAAS Companies. The SaaS idea is older than you might think. Its four key offerings are Recruit, Manage, Develop, and Pay. Please note: while this list of leading SaaS companies has big names at the top, it is not in fact a ranking – the SaaS firms at the top of the list are not "better" than those at the bottom. Developers can embed voice, video, messaging and authentication into their apps using the Twilio platform. Top Saas Companies 2019 . With the help of these apps, the industry can perform management of data, customer relationships and content. Top SaaS Companies. About the Company:PluralSight is a technology Skill platform that provides web development training, IT certification learning, and on-demand skill training for employees to help their career move forward. Making Every Employee a Key Player in the customer retention strategy, Engaging the marketing leaders and Select Journalists, Using Storytelling technique as a key marketing strategy. Biggest Saas Companies. Joe Panettieri: December 28, 2017 at 7:34 am Hi Roma: Thanks for the link to the database. Try USPEveryday life made easier by connecting taskers and people seeking help for odd tasks. Quick Messaging: You can choose from existing templates to send a reply or create your own message as well. Overall, KnowB4 is a one-stop solution for all types of security training. Make it accessible anytime anywhere. About the product: HubSpot’s CRM is designed to offer a sales team a platform to create company profiles and contacts, and neatly organize every detail they need for streamlining communication with the customers. This includes approvals, limit automation on cards, automated accounting and invoice management. Many data science teams use their data analytics platforms for creating data-based products. USP: Easy blending with all the ongoing sales process is HubSpot CRM’s USP. This list of startups in the saas space provides data on their funding history, investment activities, and acquisition trends. For more information about each SaaS company mentioned, continue past the list below. These include problems arising from phishing, ransomware attacks and social engineering. HubSpot develops cloud-based, inbound marketing software that provides businesses with tools for social media marketing, content management, Web analytics and search engine optimization. As per a survey, the number of SaaS products in marketing niches in 2017 was 8,500, which was only about 500 marketing tools in 2007 (PriceIntelligently). These days, companies are applying the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model to just about everything, from core business functions, including IT, to industry-specific processes. Today we have identified four Canadian SaaS stocks that have outperformed the TSX this year by 10% and are showing solid growth prospects for 2020. Its premium product, Ringcentral Office, provides multiple utilities, including conferencing and messaging. Using Veeva as an excellent SaaS product, the pharmaceutical companies can manage their sales, follow health industry regulations, and also control the operations. About the Company: Teem is a space booking software that makes it easier for businesses to plan and schedule seminars, workshops, conferences, and meetings. According to their website, Email averages $52 ROI for every dollar spent. Another software company that made a successful pivot to the cloud, Intuit has converted its flagship finance and tax prep software Quicken, QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Mint to on-demand, cloud-based versions that now account for three-quarters of all company revenue. DocuSign started out as electronic signatures for legal documents but has expanded to help small- and medium-sized businesses collect information, automate data workflows, and sign on various devices. About the Company: Survey Monkey, a SaaS product, helps the companies from different industries get the feedback they need, and seek answers to the questions they’ve been waiting for, and simultaneously ensures prioritising the trust, and sustaining data security. This service offers CRM solutions for sales enhancement. US Department of Defense I bet you recognize some of the big players already – IBM’s Mainframes and microcomputers. USP: Every SaaS product of Salesforce has different USP, but when viewed as a bigger picture, Salesforce offers a unique experience when it comes to re-shaping a company into an improved and informational organization. It also automates security patching of devices, enhancing their overall security. In other words, business expenses. It has since expanded into platform development, marketing, analytics and social networking. Top 100 Saas Companies Here's a detailed list of SaaS companies in Singapore with their ratings & profiles. It uses a variety of databases to generate models based on business rules, which can be changed for instant adjustments. SaaS Stock #1: Salesforce No.1 on our list and the largest of them all is Salesforce. You can find all the examples of SaaS facts, statistics, and examples. These companies are the biggest, fastest-growing companies of all time. As text marketing becomes increasingly important in digital marketing, Mobiniti provides user-friendly, customized solutions to marketing agencies and resellers. Managing expenses and reimbursements of employees can prove challenging. The service offers enterprise-class training on risk management and compliance (RMAC). Reply . To summarise, we can say that a significant number of SaaS Startups have made it big in the last few years. Onboarding popular SaaS companies like TripAdvisor, Netflix, Airbnb, and National Geographic. ServiceMax is built on Salesforce’s platform and serves field service technicians through cloud and mobile software by providing workforce optimization, advanced scheduling and dispatch, parts logistics, inventory and depot repair, and installed base entitlement. It also provides global tax management and compliance services, including professional management of VAT, sales tax and remittances that are applicable globally. Here is a list of the top 25 SaaS companies in the world. ActivePipe Reaching out to customers with successful case studies. offers a sales acceleration platform built on a predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine designed to help with a sale from first engagement until close. Market Research features for keeping track of industry and market trends. SaaS is particularly well suited for small businesses. As a result, we are going to witness a new variety of workplaces, called as the SaaS-empowered workplace. This list of breakout cloud companies ranges from bootstrapped giants to venture capital startup darlings. The big daddy of the list, this is the company that launched the concept based around customer resource management (CRM). Mobiniti also provides email marketing solutions customized for various industry segments that can be easily integrated with the existing applications and CRM tools to better promote customer engagement. We wanted to show some love for Canada by featuring these 201 companies with combined revenues of $2.0B. Check out Troop G Suite (formerly Google Apps) is a collection of tools developed by Google. With its simplified HR solutions, Personio eases human resources management, from hiring to full and final settlement. MailChimp repeatedly targets their prospective customers by reminding them about the importance of Emails. For example, they focused on the three main features: Search, Synchronisation, and File Sharing. Its analytical workflows ease product development. Enhancing security with multi-factor authentication. (BetterCloud), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software, Ability to share photos and files without a USB drive, Innovative service and product approach that replaced USB drives and pen drives forever, The app is available on multiple platforms, Forkout (Send a single message to multiple users/multiple groups at once), Burnout (private chat conversation window), Sending ‘Superior Auto Responders’ is the Unique Selling Point of MailChimp, Specific strategies of customer retention & acquisition. All the interest and energy (not to mention venture capital) is going to on-demand SaaS, since it promises to alleviate the headache of client installs and updates. Atlassian is an enterprise software company that develops products for software developers, project managers, and content management. Blackboard Learn provides a virtual learning environment and course management system for online schools where there is little to no face-to-face meeting. Spendesk manages employee end-to-end expense management. Some of the best saas companies are already there, while most others are likely to follow. Druva offers cloud-based comprehensive backup, recovery and archival for cloud business apps like Office 365, Google Suite, Box and Salesforce with full data visibility, access and compliance monitoring. They nailed it further with additional plans like Essentials, Standard, and Premium: All designed to improve the insights for growing businesses in need for more customers. GoodData provides a business analytics platform for enterprises to create smart business applications using existing data to automate, recommend and make better business decisions. Shopify is a cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses that sell both online and in retail stores. It allows these specialists to deliver value-based products in a shorter time frame. We Have Listed Noteworthy 40+ SaaS Companies & Providers To Watch Out in 2020 1. Cristina Greysman: December 27, 2017 at 11:01 am Way to go SAP Concur for making the list… The exits have been a combination of strategic sales and private equity recaps and have provided us an effective way to benchmark private SaaS valuation multiples against public data. There’s no sign of stopping. FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting product designed for sole proprietors and small business owners to bill clients for time and services and track time spent with the client. With these points in mind, it is safe to assume that SaaS companies are the future, and in order to be future-ready, we need to learn a lot from these successful SaaS products that have made their mark in the highly competitive industry. out Troop Messenger -the best-in-class instant messaging app for business in terms of Data It can automate the sales process, which helps in achieving stretch targets. Agile reporting feature has worked in favor of Atlassian Jira since it allows teams to have access to over a dozen of real-time reports and also out-of-the-box and actionable insights into their team’s performance: About the Product: Click2Magic, a SaaS product, is a Live Chat Support Application by Tvisha Technologies, an Indian based SaaS company. AdRoll helps companies send personalized product recommendations to customers based on their past purchases. It offers a fully unified suite of financial applications for business spend management, like procurement, invoicing, expenses and sourcing. Google ProofPoint provides various cybersecurity solutions to ensure security to protect organizations from cyberattacks, including coverage for campaigns and data. Its flagship product is Jira, an issue tracking product. A single, comprehensive, and all-in-one system for three things: HR, Planning, and Finance. It also helps developers identify controls to make an application more secure. The software application can comprise anything, from unified communications at the workplace to office software among an extensive list of business applications that are available. Having discussed the SaaS model, we present to you some examples of SaaS companies and SaaS products that you should know about. It supports multi-language ordering along with multiple options for payment to buyers. Here are the top SaaS companies in … These leading Software as a Service (SaaS) companies provide a remarkable array of advanced tools for businesses of all sizes. More than 450,000 businesses have trusted this SaaS company for its security infrastructure and consider as one of the largest saas company, About the company: Troop Messenger, as an office chat software provides clients with a virtual workplace that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and used for a great deal of communication and collaboration. It also performs proposal management, including the creation of proposals themselves. USPsTraining modules trusted by companies of different sizes to help them scale their business further. The company provides operational intelligence software that monitors, reports, and analyzes real-time machine data, including logs and Big Data sources, for operational intelligence. Twilio is a cloud communication company that enables users to use standard web languages to build a variety of telephony apps supporting voice, VoIP, IP to traditional telcos and SMS apps. Swiftly and Smartly, our World is shifting towards ‘Software as a Service’ era. USP: Bringing together teams to work through problems, share ideas, and learn from each other along the way. About the Company: GitHub is a software development platform. For … Because they are cloud-based, these apps can be accessed easily in an organization’s environment.