Click here. �]�D:��#@⮩`"�"a ���1 ,&��mt�N��_[���>]V��8���L�� �a� STUDIO CALENDAR; RECITAL-SPRING/HOLIDAY; DANCE CLASSES . Opening a Dance Studio Checklist. %PDF-1.7 %���� 0 Maintaining distance and sanitation as … �l�ȅ-9�u���ʨ#ܟ��X����E�Mzg�d����z��V�_��uQ��'���m�m�u;��1�,��v�c��Zj=��{z( In addition, these guidelines should be modified to comply with state and local mandates and guidelines as regards COVID-19) Page Under Construction: Last updated: 6-29-20. This covers - i. �Χ`AsڃP-�y].��.��e''}|��?�Q�l�g@�ʪ�v= �r6, Tz_�NgU��}U,��a%� ��9�I�e�)F�Q W�~�����So\Ũ���: Dance studios are one of the businesses that is set to open back up in phase two of Governor Andy Beshear's plan. 264 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<2F79FA6F37616F4C9488C6C9A932082E><7C9988AEF9BDAB4B93361B49E643C5F4>]/Index[246 58]/Info 245 0 R/Length 95/Prev 181320/Root 247 0 R/Size 304/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream On site school operations iii. Regardless of local limitations, every dance studio must be proactive about implementing safe practices for their staff members and dancers. NYS Reopening Safety Guidelines. h�b```f``������P� Ā B�@Q���>�L7�0�Ag�$ՄoW#K�R�\psp� b�|��e��kX`�d�F�h``P�2�:١���@!N�w@Z���Ƈ10ı�3\f8���p�Ց��V'VE�߬�,�J1�XL#���~I|����Wl���ɕ�+�/. COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The Ohio Department of Health has released its guidelines for gyms and dance studios in the state to follow in order to reopen. On Thursday, Ohio Lt. County public health officials say local dance studios can classify either as a gym or a day camp, the latter allowing these businesses to hold some indoor activities in small numbers. That means teachers, students and parents. sport camps and clinics) ... 2020 in regions that have reached or surpassed Phase 3 of the State’s reopening. Whilst we are likely still many months from a fully re-opened music economy, now is the time to review how to operate your studio, production room or recording space safely in the coming months. county’s COVID-19 risk level (lower, moderate, high, extreme). If you need to reopen a dance studio, that task requires careful planning and abiding by lots of safe practices. TDS has taken NYS reopening guidelines to heart! • •Social distancing protocols and procedures … DANCE STUDIOS REOPENING CONSIDERATIONS The following lists the operational adjustments that dance studios may want to consider as they reopen during the COVID‐19 pandemic. ... distancing guidelines. Guidelines. REOPENING MASSACHUSETTS Guidance for industries on the reopening plan As of June 1, ... subject to certain limitations and guidelines that will be provided at a later date. In doing so, the State altered the reopening plans for some businesses and *�ți=)lz5��(�^��������2c�#Xa� ~ȦyzWL��C��M9�f�ݾ��C�������&��t6�?���K��ٷ� sport camps and clinics) ... 2020 in regions that have reached or surpassed Phase 3 of the State’s reopening. Updated 11 /16/2020 1 | P a g e Indoor Fitness and Training COVID-19 Reopening Requirements – Update Summary of November 16 changes: Pursuant to Governor Inslee’s Proclamation 20-25.8, Stay Safe-Stay Healthy, these requirements are effective November 16, 2020 through December 14, 2020. Here’s our checklist for opening a dance studio with some essential aspects to keep in mind. Guidelines for K-12 School Sports is no longer tied to a school’s instructional model. Examples of health and fitness centers include (non-exhaustive): gyms; fitness centers; yoga, dance, cycling, pilates, and barre studios Note: Organizations that operate across multiple workplace environments should refer to applicable Phase IV guidelines for guidance on those workplaces Developing a plan for your studio helps ensure the safety, and peace of mind, of your dancers, educators and dance parents, as well as your wider community. Dance Productions #TheRemix is a national championship-winning studio, Petty said. Chip and Astrid Sebastian, … �$�F$��1Hoq�a�N��L��_>�t�w��߹�4+&u����?�/pN�5_q;@�-,�9X�H|���̳q�*� L�> �� Ѐl�R�r�ϊ�8���)`A$^�L�r�J�Z�l�/\�,���>��ج�>�O������dO`R1��IXU1?.&B¡8�I>��D���hZ��?A�'qy�hr��%z"�LO�M��k��8�}b��5AL@b�Mu���}��\L�I��[����fL�f��Ÿ�Nk�U ��A��_��Ũ~��Dz������: We will be following the CDC guidelines for our re-opening procedures. q�Rjkm�s�T;~!��.��\Jv!��� ��s ���(����.��YqI��h���. Latest changes now include updated guidance for music, dance and drama in school. h�b```�,¹� ���� With other states moving forward with the reopening, their competitors are already training. Name of Your Business or Organization Reigning Victory Dance Studio Describe your business, service, or product. Some of the requirements laid out to move through the phases of reopening, are the ability to provide ample testing for COVID-19, and the ability to contact trace in the event of a confirmed case. These guidelines also apply to non-professional and non-collegiate sports and recreation activities conducted by gyms/ %%EOF It is important to note that many of these considerations may change as government guidelines, OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Assessment and accountability v. Contigency planning for outbreaks. Read more about the Regional Stay Home Order. Wash hands before and after using the bathroom at the studio. Dance Studio facilities have bathrooms extremely close and can require students and staff to wash their hands upon entrance, intermittently during classes, and upon leaving. 99 0 obj <>stream Facilities where low-contact sports training happens, including gymnastic facilities and dance studios, will be allowed to operate at 40 percent occupancy. Refer to ODE guidance for reopening to h��Xio���+�1���ٗ�p�51������>0#O�I��s�Z)Y���5#�v��s7Ikg�Z& ��Z�T�60�1�8�!��k�q����*&D����A�c�P��Xt�@�1a��L�8�pC�3u�H� �dR9�`/������x��ro��:�)Á��54'0�NN���+�$Ӓ� �V���6t�T;�@�LEs3��όP���e4S8�8���`���D�J����EQ�'��E9�+�I��ŗ���xn��o�ӻ�y��뢜��Wu=�~J�a���DH������q�J�^VUy]��rX��C>��E���p�0O%� =�_�QY.z�C��G�yYN���K1�fü���=�%O�O�H�ϯONҳ[��g�+�ӛ|X��4�! Public health advice ii. COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW)– The state of Ohio released guidelines for gyms, dance studios and other personal fitness centers on Friday as they prepare to … Advice & Information on Dance Studio Specifications What you need to consider when looking when designing a dance space and their specifications. 67 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<27E7B6E1A78906C045E8DBB6AB673B13><70D6E1AE6C20DD48BBB36403A572A748>]/Index[29 71]/Info 28 0 R/Length 158/Prev 330177/Root 30 0 R/Size 100/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream HIP HOP DANCE TEAMS; Majorette; Gallery; Upcoming Events for SSS; Contact; About; 4802 Stamp Road, Temple Hills, MD, 20748. We have also listed some new practices/procedures for all families when entering the Studio. Specific dance studio reopening guidelines vary based on local requirements. California has a […] You can read the guidelines here. That category includes yoga and dance studios, exercise classes inside gyms, boxing gyms, spin classes and fitness boot camps, according to officials. From 5:00pm on Thursday 31 December 2020 new restrictions apply in Victoria: The limit of people gathering in the home will be reduced to 15 from 30. cheer/dance Individual or distanced group training or activities Organized no/low-contact group training (e.g. Face masks must be worn when in indoor spaces (other than private residences), on public transport, and in commercial passenger vehicles, apart from when eating or drinking, unless a lawful reason not to wear one applies. Dance classes What … The virus that causes COVID-19 can infect people of all ages. endstream endobj 247 0 obj <>/Metadata 12 0 R/Pages 244 0 R/StructTreeRoot 34 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences 265 0 R>> endobj 248 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 612 792]/Parent 244 0 R/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 249 0 obj <>stream Dance Studio Owner and Industry Expert, Tiffany Henderson, walks you through understanding the new guidelines; the six steps she is taking to prepare her business for reopening; marketing strategies for the critical “re-registration period” … These facilities should be cleaned/ sanitized per CDC recommended protocol along with The Regional Stay Home Order, announced December 3, 2020, will prohibit gatherings of any size, close operations except for critical infrastructure and retail, and require 100% masking and physical distancing. THEATRE PRODUCTIONS; VOCAL LESSONS; GALLERY; DANCE COMPANIES; CONTACT; MY CLASS ACCOUNT; Edge Dance Covid-19 Reopening Guidelines; EDGE DANCE APP; Summer Camps At this stage of openings, closures, and reopenings, there has been confusion for many, including the dance industry in San Diego. New Regional Stay Home Order COVID-19 continues to surge at alarming rates in California. fk�I9��n�m:��&�@$��x9� 6�m-�}LV��XO��(i�H2���u^ 2��h��O All rooms will have social distance squares, numbered spots, air purifiers, sanitizing stations and per class disinfecting. 29 0 obj <> endobj 0 h�bbd```b``�"��H&1��� &�He��B0[L����j~��Y@����j"�O�u���+�a`�� ���qؒ��4o ��� 246 0 obj <> endobj Reopening guidelines for studios and production rooms Last week the UK Government announced some changes to the lockdown restrictions to control the spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus in England. Gyms, Dance Instruction Studios, and Other Personal Fitness Venues. Guidelines for K-12 School Sports are now based on a . cheer/dance Individual or distanced group training or activities Organized no/low-contact group training (e.g. Encourage your students and parents to do the following, by reminding them in class and via your usual communication channels – online updates, emails or newsletters: Wash hands before and after class, with hot water and soap. Dancers must arrive in dance attire, there will be no changing allowed in the bathrooms. endstream endobj startxref Masks: Everyone must wear a mask or facial covering at all times. Dancers are required to sanitize their hands upon entering the building, we will provide hand sanitizer. If you or a family member have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus, please do not return to dance until your 14 day quarantine is complete. Anyone age 6 and up must wear a mask to enter the building. COVID-19 REOPENING GUIDANCE FOR GYMS, FITNESS CENTERS, DANCE STUDIOS, AND OTHER EXERCISE FACILITIES UPDATED ON OCTOBER, 7, 2020 Note: On Friday, August 28, 2020, the State announced a shift from its Monitoring List to a color-coded four-tier Blueprint for a Safe Reopening. 303 0 obj <>stream CLASS DESCRIPTIONS; DRESS CODE FOR DANCE CLASSES; Dress Code 2020-2021 Season; Current Class Schedule; TUITION; THEATRE . %PDF-1.6 %���� School Reopening: DfE guidance for reopening schools. Ensure all water lines are flushed, including equipment water lines and connections, according to manufacturer’s instructions. COVID-19 And Sports And Recreation Facilities & Studios. h�bbd```b``.�� �q�d� Social distancing is expected at all times. This includes staff. STUDIO RENTALS; REOPENING GUIDELINES; Frequently Asked Questions? �x����PdH�`g����0p00-9�����q�]���1���������ə��1���զ��v�z��!�9���if^��X@4ӡJ�Y@� � �� guidance on reopening buildings, including checking mechanical, air and water/ice systems. All who enter TDS will have masks on at ALL times, ...  The Dance Studio CNY Below are some details that our staff will be doing to take every precaution to keep our dancers as safe as possible during classes. In a number of educational establishments where dance studios have been built, the dance teacher has found her/himself without sufficient specific knowledge or support Mandatory Recommended Best Practices • •Provide instruction/education on COVID-19 prevention. endstream endobj startxref As dance studios across Australia prepare to reopen from as early as May 18 in Western Australia and June 8 in South Australia, it is important that studios have COVID safe plans in place. The studio number is (765) 674-2346, please report your absence on our voicemail so your Instructor can be notified. Curriculum, behaviour and pastoral care iv. %%EOF ... reopening in Phase 2 Bars, dance clubs, and nightclubs Phase 4 Non-athletic instructional classes in Inspire dance studio owner Brooke Robertson (centre) with friends Lysa Wallace (left) and Lisa Dinsdale (right) finishing preparing the studio in Perth for reopening on August 31.