The Nikon 24 PCE is fine if you get a good copy. All rights reserved. Canon 40/2.8 STM pancake B&H Amazon This is in comparison to 1,200+ under similar circumstances with the D810. And a full 5DSR mirror/shutter vibration test:, Thanks – the direction of travel of the shutter would explain why we see that when using the optical finder, but it doesn’t explain why it still happens in live view with EFC…. (and again Nikon is too ignorant to come up with similar products!!!) Well… it is listed on the recommended gear list as added on 13 August 2015 under “current equipment”, so I suspect some thoughts will be shared down the road. In the field, if you’re using flash, you’ll get pretty close. I suspect that finding somebody with skills at the necessary level in both disciplines might be tough. Or were you thinking of somehow swapping them for Av mode/etc as well? Having run a 645Z/D810 combination for a while, I’ll say it’s worse than two same-manufacturer bodies – you can’t carry ALL lenses for both, and the weight penalty is significant, plus having a field backup becomes costly and heavy. I placed the camera on a tripod in the dead of night, pointed it at a famous hotel in Dubai and took the shot with the timer (this camera is notorious for all sorts of image-blur problems though I am not entirely sold on the “shutter shock” theory that has made its way around the net (equally, I am not denying that there is a problem – perhaps the latest version has solved it???). And it only makes sense to shift it now whilst depreciation will be at a minimum. Nice review, and thanks! Should be incredible. Thanks Felix. Perhaps next time Sony. What we have with the lossy RAW files are tonal and then color compromises, which manifest themselves at worst as banding and artefact, and at best as a slight loss of transparency that the viewer can’t quite put their finger on (or might not notice) until you see say a D810 image side by side. I have no problems with manual focusing per se as I used the older Olympus manual system in the past and loved it. Long term review: Canon 5DSR (19 Aug 2015) Review: The Canon 5DSR, part I – solo (2 Jul 2015) Fresh off the boat: Canon 5DSR and some early … Lately it seems like every photography news site or blog is buzzing about either the Canon 5DS/R and/or the Sony a7RII. When the light can be fully controlled (studio, reflectors, strobes etc. I think I’ll wait until a few reviewers experience the pain first (assuming there’s still a problem). Battery life left a lot to be desired: I never saw more than 600 frames, and often more like 300. Framed print poll:, I think part of the reason for none for most people is a) access to good printers and b) once you decide to print, that’s a level of commitment to an image that most people simply do not have – deciding what to print is actually a very good way of curating , I guess it must be people like me keeping the printers in business – I probably made close to a thousand prints last year…. Unfortunately, I don’t, and I tend to have multiple very different objectives within one assignment – and under those circumstances, I’m left with either a very heavy solution or one that doesn’t quite cover all the bases in the most optimum way. A slightly larger and slightly clearer viewfinder. There is the all-rounder Nikon D810, the resolution-champ Canon 5DSR, the tech-heavy Sony A7RII, medium-format-on-a-budget Pentax 645Z and now the Leica SL. For instance, extra resolution is incredible for sharp, detailed portraits. I suspect contributing to the duality of results is the unpredictability of metering in evaluative mode, and the files not being very tolerant of underexposure; combined with the reduced dynamic range, this means your exposure has to be bang on all the time – it was a bit like shooting slide film. For many and unfortunately we have to buy the things to know if the overall needs are met and the camera actually delivers where we felt we missed a bit with the present. Hi Ming, Not a deal-breaker or a supplier switch trigger, anyways…. 1) The reason for my question was your statement “under ideal circumstances, on a tripod, or in very good light, with critical focus obtained with the very best lenses, the files are pretty incredible. I really enjoy that you mix your reviews with serious art! This is an interesting closing review because I am very interested in the 5SDR, especially for the 24/17TSE’s. Neither Nikon nor Canon implements the UHS II standard for SD cards to name just one of many, many things, where both are not up to the possible standard. A little bit out of context: since you talked about the Contax Zeiss glass, have you ever used the 135mm f/2.8? Great comment, Richard P; and a excellent read, Ming, as always. Oh, and you can tune both ends of the zoom separately – which is impossible on a Nikon. You have a need for coverage of focal lengths that far exceeds my own, but the themes of consolidation and rationalisation have been on my mind as I work to regroup with one system and the right native mount lenses. It either calls for a significant financial commitment to field a complete Canon system (i.e. Any black & white tests? Incidentally, per Ming’s earlier comment on the first 5Dsr I believe the same may apply to the Zeiss PC Distagon too. God, trying to write like Yoda gives me a headache. If that is true, even it can be easily corrected in post processing, isn’t it a parameter in the IQ overall equation? And on top of that, Nikon has made it clear to me they are not interested in working with anybody who isn’t Japanese or Caucasian. The Sony a7R IV was a spectacular camera on paper when it was first released, building on the long history of success and innovation in the R line of … Striving for perfection and having fun are not always friends. The problem is that I would love to fall in love with a system again but that system would probably not offer me sharpness from corner to corner which is an absolute necessity in a good majority of my jobs. How does this Canon compare to the CMOS medium format sensor? Doesn’t that defeat the point entirely of having access to my audience?”. 5DsR still lags, true. Everyone knows the Canon EOS 5Ds R is known for its huge megapixel count, but what else does the Canon 5Ds R have for a new, more tech-savvy audience? I remember you’ve had reservations in the past. I’m glad that this camera interested you enough to give it a 10K spin. I myself have been longing for a more compact and versatile FF system that would be the answer to lesser the burden carrying a 810 + fast prime focal’s that reaches from wide to long, would have means of annulling my handshake and being as stealth as possible. This was also very visible in print, with a significant advantage over the Nikon; I’d have to do significant compensation work on files with the D810, but the 5DSR’s files just looked correct, Preferable (to me) ergonomics and handling – the grip is perhaps the most comfortable I’ve held, and whilst I still get blisters with the D810 on my little finger second joint after extended use with heavy lenses or the grip because of the location of that one lower seam, I didn’t with the 5DSR. Light is hard, greens are subtle but varied and never really electric – there’s a warmth to the palette which I’ve only managed to print right with the 5DSR. In the equally unlikely situation that cost were not an issue, I’d run them in parallel, fly first class and pay a sherpa to carry what I might need ‘just in case’. It also means having one adaptor for each lens since thin adaptors in the field are not so easy to change quickly. I am a fashion photographer working with the Pentax 645Z and Phase One IQ250, and hope for a smaller, lighter, and cheaper DSLR that has comparable image quality. After reading this review about the 5dsr…..well….It almost sounds a little like you were reviewing a medium format camera in some ways….. How does this camera hold up to medium format? Decision making can be tough at times. It probably also has something to do with the lenses being calibrated in the landscape orientation. The Nikons all provide more technology than use and the quality or their colour renditions, auto focus capability and all of their manual actuations are outstanding. As someone with experience with the Pentx 645Z and a Hasselblad CCD medium format system, Do you consider the Canon close to medium format quality, apart from the issues you mention with dynamic range? (I find the ergonomics weird and nasty, but my favorite camera is a Rolleiflex 3.5f.). But if any one of those stars fail to align, then you’re going to land up with something slightly soft-looking and just a tad disappointing: as though somebody slipped an AA filter back in the optical chain somewhere”. It’s really quite good on the Alpha 7, although I feel kind of like I’m wearing virtual reality goggles. As this is one of, if not the main potential issue with the 5DSR, certainly compared with the 5DS and the Nikons I think perhaps a bit more work and testing would have been useful. I tend to do quite a bit of night landscape photography (always on a tripod, and bracketing again if necessary), and am planning to do a pano of the milky way during the summer of 2016. Here in there State of New South Wales, Australia where I live I’ve been a Nikon user for 30 years+ and have never had an issue with any Nikon I’ve had, from my old FG, Nikons 5, D100 right through to the D810.Service first class, quality 1st class. It works with ACR only since that is the process I use…. As Ming mentioned, great shots in camera ads are rarely seen. It is spectacular at any aperture with similarly smooth background blur and a great transition between the plane of focus and the background, and it’s extremely tiny. If there is a bright light source anywhere nearby then the lens absolutely MUST be flagged. Increasing the ISO. Covered a bunch of interesting points. Sorry, my mistake! In the first photo… Stars Trees Line Up, the highlights in the sky seem somewhat over exposed. Well, Canon 5D sensor has been measured for 12.4, at ISO100. Thinking about buying one to use with adapters. Doesn’t that defeat the point entirely of having access to my audience? absolutely. Even amongst this reader pool, undoubtedly representing a more serious bunch – I suspect the number of printers is perhaps less than 10%. A few times; no more frequently than with the D810 or D800E – if anything, less, because slightly more resolution means you won’t see aliasing til higher frequencies. Oh boy. If you’re looking for something – might I suggest a search? Hello Ming, just a hint/question: Klicking on these (beautiful as always) pictures, doesn’t lead me to flickr, but to yahoo, where I have to register myself? -Again, use the Custom Controls to swap the function of the top Main Dial and the rear Quick Control Dial for shooting in Manual Mode. Either way, I like to recommend MPB as the go-to for used cameras because they have a detailed and reliable system for rating their gear. The shot I took with the Sony A7R was one that does not require any technical skill or know-how. For some reason unknown to a technically challenged person like myself, this is most noticeable when shooting green vegetation. La Paz Village, 11 November 2015. The manual states that AE lock only works with evaluative metering. Ming Thein's long-term 5DSR review Started Aug 20, 2015 | Discussions thread Forum Parent First Previous Next Flat view PhotoKhan • Forum Pro • Posts: 10,909 Re: Ming Thein's long-term 5DSR review … In other words, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. After having shared various bits of his work-in-progress review of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, photographer and reviewer Dustin Abbott posted the final review. Can you share your thoughts on the 24-70 f4 and 70-300L? I just got a used A7 for use with Zeiss ZM lenses and find the EVF quite natural and easy to use. Great honest review Ming! I’ll never make myself a servant to Cloud and arbitrary and constant changes. There IS more dynamic range at the sensor level, but it’s being lost in noise and posterisation. I have done enough work to convince myself it isn’t an issue, and I probably work under a far wider variety of conditions/subjects than most. If the review is in the ballpark, that tells me the 7D mk ii is good but not worth doing handstands over. I’m not sure I agree, Eli. I really enjoyed reading your reviews which are refreshing compared to the vast majority of geeky/bird watcher pixel counters amateurish reviews. Poetry aside and narrative device aside, there is a) no excuse if the other company using the same sensor can make it work, and b) I want to have the ability to make that choice myself, not have the camera make it for me. I was expecting part II; so thanks Ming. Personally I much prefer the Zeiss approach…, Ming – “No amount of money can buy honesty. .cls-99{fill:#000;fill-rule:evenodd} Help Center. Fear you not of Nikon future releases.”. Based on my experience with the camera to date, I think you might be right. Like the 645Z – I really loved using it and the results, but the economics just don’t work because the cost is high and the envelope over which it can be deployed is just too small relative to my greater work. I am always shooting manually, using spot metering, bracket and/or test the exposure, since shooting digital allows all these. Do you agree with this statement and if so would you mind elaborating on those occasional instances? I guess the concise answer is you’d gain from a switch, but questionable if it’s enough to make it worthwhile. Although their 50 megapixel … You are head and shoulders above the regular bloggers Ming. Same risk problem – then compound it with taxes at destination and the risk of somebody at the receiving end pilfering it. First of all I decided, to hold only one 35mm DSLR system, as I don’t like to adjust and readjust on a frequent basis. It obviously depends on what you shoot and what your personal threshold of acceptability is – fair weather vacation snaps are going to have a far higher hit rate than cinematic still in low light. GoPros are highly capable cameras, but with these GoPro video accessories, you can turn your GoPro into an even better option for photos and videos. There were images I shot with both cameras that I could not have made ‘work’ with the D810; on the other hand, there were others I let go even though the D810 would have had no problems. Using the Custom Controls screen you can swap them for Manual mode at least (and the same functionality is in the 1D X, 5D3, and 7D2 at least). What camera did you use?”. Could have had a bad sample; being a not-so-popular bit of glass they only had one in the shop for me to try. The Canon 5DSr is very, very good and I’m no longer considering jumping brands to Nikon as a result. I suggest downloading a good D810 raw file then moving the sliders and seeing the difference – it’s really quite amazing just how much information is recoverable, and without noise or strange plasticity. I decide for the D810, the D 750 and the D7200. For example, you can set the top Main Dial to control the aperture setting (set for Av) and the rear Quick Control Dial to control shutter speed (set for Tv). Mainly because pixel acuity is slightly better leading to higher micro contrast and perceptually better edge transitions. My opinions that follow are going to appear initially conflicting and probably be misinterpreted by the fanboys, so I’m going to state this upfront: I really, really liked the camera. Each camera has his advantages and disadvantages. Canon 70-300/4-5.6 L IS B&H Amazon And let’s just say it’s rather large, and 100% live view also means finishing at least three batteries a day. I don’t think we are many who haven’t had an affair with a system that is different and better in some fields than what our present system may muster.