Stones are allocated nature and strength wise to the nine planets. Exclusive American Diamond Finger ring with rodium, GJ and rose white plating exclusively available only at vivah creation. It is very important that you activate your diamond or else it is known to have bad effects on your life. Call +91-8048003904. The calculations below are based on the average finger size of 6.5 which equals 16.9mm (or 17mm to make the math easier). Round up the incense stick for another 11 times around the diamond while chanting the same mantra and wear it. You should never wear Diamond if your Venus is weak, Venus tends to put a stronghold on its birthstone. Some religions and cultures pick a … I am a Pisces and have been told to wear a 15 cent diamond in my right hand small finger..Is it okay. Make the ring in gold or silver and wear it in the morning of any Friday during Shukla Paksha, wear it in the last or middle finger. It is essential therefore to understand these energies and subtle internal qualities of each of the fingers. Let us begin from the basics like what is the relevance of stones in astrology? According to astrology, Diamond gemstone should be worn in small finger or middle finger of right hand. Instead your turbulences are of the varied nature in luxurious remedies. Chevaliere DTR7V Femmes Silverona américain Diamond Ring Argent (djvr038_ss Taille - 7.5) Taille-M - Une façon parfaite pour orner votre doigt avec la bague de l'oeil humain en forme d'argent sterling! With the heart at the centre of your emotions, this was thought to be the best finger to wear your … Ring finger of your left hand. Vivah Creation. If your finger is smaller than a size 6.5, your diamond will look larger than described in each description below. People who do businesses in jewellery, apparel, furnishings and other creative fields must opt for Diamonds- as planet Venus is the planet of creative strength. You can use Diamond on 26th January 2018 as 19th January is already passed. People in many Eastern European and South America countries opt for the right ring finger. If you sleep well without any bad dreams, you are good to go with the diamond. Poddar Diamond Ltd. All Rights Reserved. We also have many contemporary ring designs for ultra-modern women. very informational post, and i read your article and very use ful for me so thanks for sharing this beautiful post. Typically, a plain gold bandgoes on the index finger of the right hand. Vendu et expédié par Airas. If your finger is larger than a size 6.5, the diamond will look a little smaller than described below. BLACK 1; GHERU POLISH 2; NEON GREEN 1; NEON GREEN RANI 1; RANI WHITE 1; RUBY 3; TRANSPARENT YELLOW 1; WHITE 21; Filter by Plating. Rings in various themes Our ladies diamond rings are available in various themes. American Diamond Women's Rings: Shop from a wide range of American Diamond Women's Rings online at best prices in India. According to astrology, Diamond gemstone should be worn in small finger or middle finger of right hand. Burn 4-5 incense sticks in the name of Shukra Dev or Venus and chant “Om Shukray Namah” for at least 11 times, pray that the diamond brings prosperity and affinity to you. As they say it, Diamond is for forever. Black Rodium 1; High Gold 6; Oxidized Silver 1; Rose Gold 1; Two Tone 10; Home » Jewellery » FINGER RINGS » American Diamond Finger Rings. Diamond restores your mental stability in times of turbulence, it provides you with a mysterious stable strength. When we put a ring on any finger, we are effectively filtering the energy that flows through that finger. Apart from these career sectors, Venus also helps in marriage and well being of a marriage. We also have rings in classic and cluster designs. Kalbadevi, Mumbai Shop No. You should wear Diamond either in ring finger or middle finger of the right hand. These rings are … These finger accessories are known to... read more, Engagement Ring Trays are an adornment in the biggest initiation of life- Marriage. According to the weak and strong planetary positions you are given stones. Gems must be worn in the right fingers to ensure they give the desired benefits. We understand you must be having many queries regarding wearing a diamond, as being one of the most powerful gemstones with invariable effects astrologically. TrustSEAL Verified Verified Exporter. If you are into any... read more, DC3111 Bharat Diamond Ltd, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051, WORKING DAYS/HOURS Mon - Sun / 9:00AM - 8:00PM, © Sparkles India. American Diamond Finger Rings. The Fourth (Ring) Finger. Here is all about this auspicious day, its relevance and Celebration. Wearing a ring on your ring finger represents your relationship status, whether that be engagement, marriage, or a long-term monogamous relationship. - Parf . You should wear Diamond only after proper consultation, it is imperative that you abide by this because Diamond can have real bad impact on your life and situations. Right Pinky Finger. For the ladies who love modern and extravagant designs, we have multi-finger diamond rings. If you are looking to wear a diamond gemstone, then you must opt for a 0.5 to 1 carat Diamond. Your email address will not be published. How to pick the perfect engagement ring for her finger? People who are in the film and graphic industry must also heed to Diamonds. I m Libra . Can’t get enough! Solution for late marriage in Chennai. If Venus is weak in your horoscope, you must avoid wearing Diamond as it can flare things up. You will have to consult an expert before opting to wear a diamond. Showing 1–12 of 25 results. Venus is the planet that serves the exquisite and is a symbol of beauty and splendor. Company Video. One should wear diamond astrologically on a Friday Morning in Shukla Paksha (lunar calendar). The Engagement Ring Finger. It is so named for its traditional association with wedding rings in many cultures, though not all cultures use this finger as the ring finger. STRIPES. Engagement Rings Diamond Wedding Rings The Ring Finger conveys the energies of the earth element. Exporter of American Diamond Finger Ring - American Diamond CZ Earrings, American Diamond Finger Ring with CZ Stones offered by Fusion Arts, Mumbai, Maharashtra. The Diamond should be worn between 5 am and 7 am. Gold Plated Green American Diamond Studded Finger Ring for Women and Girls (Free Size) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 ₹919 ₹ 919 ₹1,930 ₹1,930 Save ₹1,011 (52%) 10% off with AU Bank Debit Cards. Contact Supplier Request a quote. Diamond like blue and yellow sapphire is considered very powerful stone- it affects your mental stability and affects other happenings in your life seriously. DIAMOND CORRECTS MENTAL HEALTH&GIVES IMMENSE PLEASURE. Things get unclean and then you have to clean them to retrieve... read more, Rings hold a very special place in our hearts as well as fingers. The ‘navratna’ allocation to nine planets are set in everybody’s life, the planetary positions at the time of birth sets the strong and weak planets for you. It is said that diamond represents the nature and appearance of a woman- the hardest element on earth but equally brittle. Click here to watch my Ring Fingers & Symbolism video on YouTube. 1 B, Ground Floor, 62/68, Kanoria House Kalbadevi Road, Kalbadevi, Mumbai - 400002, Dist. I am born in November, please can you confirm if i am a diamond person. The diamond must be purely white with less black spots on the sides. How to choose an engagement ring that suits your hand shape? | Watch Wars, Seduce With Style | Sexiest Clothing Men Wear. Is diamond favourable to me. Diamonds in Vedic Astrology is the symbol of beauty, strength and feminine. Engagement rings, like any other kind of jewelry, come in many different styles. 2018. In the US and much of North & South America, the ring finger is most commonly associated with wedding symbolism: a band on the right fourth finger indicates engagement, while a band on the left fourth finger indicates marriage.That said, nearly all men opt for a simple gold or silver band for their wedding/engagement rings. Filter by price. The Diamond will give you results within 30 days and keeps on benefittng you for 5 years after which the diamond becomes inactive and you must change it. If you are wearing Blue Sapphire in middle finger then you should wear Diamond in Ring Finger. Akshaya Tritiya, also known... read more, For a would be couple the dream of engagement and marriage is something that they want to cherish all... read more, Diamond stud earrings make for a perfect gift because they are always wearable. THANK YOU THIS ARTICLE IS REALLY INFORMATIVE, Can I wear diamonds in left hand index finger. Engagements are meant to be a... read more, Diamond is one of the most preferred choices for people today. Diamond is a very effective gemstone, for people who believe in astrology- Diamond is one of the most powerful gemstones. To make a stronghold of Venus, diamond acts as a support ring. Some brides move the ring to the left ring finger after the ceremony, but some keep it in place on the index finger. This idea of wearing a diamond ring on the middle finger will serve two purposes at a time. Gen X vs Gen Y – Difference Between Millennial Men And 90s Kids? Thanks for sharing it. Our American diamond ring gives the wearer the choice to be able to buy silver rings they want and still have a great quality jewellery piece which gives the look of a real diamond and white gold ring. Let us solve some basic queries relating to this topic. As they say, these powerful stones- they either make you or break you! close. Eruptions in your Venus thus give you extravagant issues in life, the king problems as they call it. So for the purification and activation, dip your diamond ring in milk, honey and pure water for 20 to 30 minutes. Diamond represents the very efficiency and shine of womanhood. Find here American Diamond Finger Rings, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders with American Diamond Finger Rings prices for buying. I just added this webpage to my rss reader, great stuff. The power of a pure and powerful stone like Diamond in astrological terms is destructive. are often worn for engagement and wedding parties women love jewellery; specially traditional jewellery adore a women.They wear it on completely different occasion. Required fields are marked *, It is a regular world we live. Men and women alike, both should wear diamond on the right hand second or last finger. Filter — Filter By Color. For a Libra, wearing a diamond can be beneficial as it rules the 8th house that helps in enhancing your personality, property, wealth, knowledge, power, etc. An American Diamond Ring is the other name for Cubic Zirconia stone ring which resembles a sparkly diamond in every way. Studs are simple, and at the... read more, The story of engagement ring dates from long back. In many Western countries, the tradition of wearing an engagement ring on the fourth finger on the left hand, (the left ring finger on the ring finger guide below), can be traced back to the Ancient Romans. Manufacturer of American Diamond Finger Ring - American Diamond Rings offered by Shree Gautam Creation, Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is located between the third and fifth digits, between the little finger and the middle finger. The evil effect of Venus by Saturn, ketu and rahu can be neutralized by wearing a diamond. Gemology is one of the rare sciences handed over to us by the tradition. According to Vedic Astrology, Diamond represents strength and calibre of the planet Venus. Diamonds shall help you grow and help in budding your career. Rather we will say, if you decide to wear both of your ring on the same finger, then there might be a chance of losing the upper ring. Your email address will not be published. Diamond Engagement Ring Size on Finger. Diamond is one of the most powerful stones according to astrology, if it can make you it has equal powers to break you too. I AM SUVARNA (FEMALE) Ihad alredy taken 18cent diamond gold ring , please suggest which hand and finger i have to wear? I recently purchased a diamond ring and prefer to wear it ony right hand middle finger. American diamonds are one of the best economical options for anyone who loves diamonds but may not be comfortable with the high budget of real diamonds. It is said that the first story of wearing ring... read more, Are you in for an amazing experience of a lifetime? There are countless types of Finger Rings and wearing Finger Rings is a personal choice; whether you have one piercing on each ear or five you will want to choose your Finger Rings to match your personal taste. Ranking at levels with Blue Sapphire Gemstone, Yellow Sapphire Gemstone- Diamond has its value intact in building people and spaces. Diamond can be worn in Ring Finger also. In fact, you must arrange for remedies to make your Venus at a stronghold position. What is Akshaya Tritiya and how to celebrate this auspicious day? , A Man’s Guide To Wearing A Bracelet | When And How To Wear Men’s Bracelets, Elegant Vs Rugged Watches | Which Watch To Buy First? Choose from an array of exquisite solitaire diamond rings, emerald rings, ruby rings, single diamond studded rings, American diamond rings, kundan rings, gold rings for girls, rings dotted with motis & pearls, and more. My DOB is 24th novemeber 1978, timing is 12:22 noon in ahmedabad. The ring should be set with white gold or silver. Was really very useful. Which hand to wear a Diamond Ring according to Astrology. Do check the diamond’s affect on you, keep it beneath your pillow the night before you do the worshipping. The venus section of the hand is at the base of the palm, not directly on a finger - therefore the middle finger is the best place to wear Venus's gem - a diamond. Did he propose already? Get it by Tuesday, November 24. 64 €99 54 €16 HT 108,99€ 90,83€ HT. According to, the index finger is the proper place for the wedding ring in a traditional Jewish ceremony. "The first recorded use of a diamond engagement ring occurred in 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy with a ring featuring hogback diamonds (modern-day baguette diamonds) arranged in the shape of the Gothic letter M," Lawler-Trustey says. Men and women alike, both should wear diamond on the right hand second or last finger. Planet Venus also represents womanhood- the reason why the glitter of diamond is correlated to women. The ring finger is the third from thumb finger of a human hand. In gemology, diamond is associated with the planet venus. Diamond, as they say does not work without activation. Check out price and features of American Diamond Women's Rings at Gold (Available in Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold) and platinum are preferred for engagement rings, but common metal types such as titanium, silver, and stainless steel are also used for engagement rings. In the U.S., the ring finger is traditionally considered to be the finger between your pinkie and middle finger (aka your fourth finger) on your left hand. The bigger and clearer the better - the only limit is what you can afford. they need special importance on ring ceremony,wedding and festive time. The person who has a strong venus must wear diamond for a purposeful benefit. In much of North and South America, the ring finger is most commonly associated with wedding symbolism: a band on the right fourth finger indicates engagement, while a band on the left fourth finger indicates marriage. It is a direct representation of one of the calmest yet the strongest planet in our solar system. No cost EMI offers, COD and great discounts available on eligible purchases. Short answer: wear the engagement ring on the fourth finger of your left hand at least here in the United States. How to match engagement rings and wedding band sets? Wearing a diamond wedding ring in the middle finger symbolises the status of a married relationship. It wasn't until more recently that engagement rings appeared on the scene. If you do not call for it, the diamond might not be effective or affect you in a bad way altogether. Most of the people wear diamond rings as a engagement ring and if you are talking about engagement ring…. However you must only wear a diamond after an expert advice. Mumbai, Maharashtra. The weight should be whatever you can afford. i am suvarna , kumba rashi,can i wear diamond , if yes please mention for which hand , finger have to wear, please reply. If you want to flaunt a modern diamond ring, you can buy our butterfly ladies diamond ring. Left vs Right Hand. They believed this finger had a vein that ran directly to the heart, the Vena Amoris, meaning ‘vein of love’. Diamond shall heal all such Venetian problems. One, it will solve your problem in your life and the other one you can use both the fingers to wear both of your rings. Pl suggest me if I can wear a Dimond ring in middle finger 3- 4 cent in gold ring. Buy Tanishq Diamond Finger Rings Online - Latest collection of Diamond Ring designs for men & women at best price. Which Finger Is for the Engagement Ring? American Diamond Finger Rings are popular for many reasons, the top ones being that American Diamond can look amazingly close to a diamond. If you are wearing Blue Sapphire in middle finger then you should wear Diamond in Ring Finger. For best results diamond should be worn in gold, but in case of price issues one can wear it in silver as well. By wearing Diamond you provide strength to your base and heal your mental issues. Chevaliere. This is classified as a ring of professional status. If yes how much carrat and what is optional stone of it. Born on 2/3/1967 Male in Assam. For a graduate of ecology, engineering, or any other esteemed discipline, a ring on the right pinky finger is a symbol of the degree acquired or professional prominence. It can construct and it can destruct! Therefore women who believe in astrology often ask us, which hand to wear a Diamond Ring according to Astrology? Business listings of American Diamond Finger Rings manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Kolkata, West Bengal along with their contact details & address. la conception est rempli de pierres zircone cubique blanc qui lui donnent un look distinct. This vivah Creation gorgeous American Diamond Finger Ring jewelry for women is formed of Brass and copper.Ethnic Wear. People who are looking to allure their attire... read more, Planning to celebrate Akshaya Tritiya. Clarity is more important than size. The cost of Diamond is INR 150000 per carat in India. Then it should be wear in the third finger i.e. Consult a proper trustworthy astrologer to get a better grasp of if you can diamond or not. Diamond is worn when your planetary features do not suit your betterment index. You will not be demeaned by normal issues and problems in life. Which hand to wear a Diamond Ring according to Astrology? The Little Finger represents the energies of the water element.