A "Trash" Party Plan Planning

A long pathway led from the driveway back to the party area, so we marked the path with fun little signs that shared facts and quotes about recycling. Freda painted giant cut outs of garbage (soup cans, coke bottles, paper fast food wrappers, etc.) to place on either side of the entryway, and made a trash truck bearing the birthday boy’s age.

I also created a personalized banner by cutting out letters in scrapbook paper, gluing them to brown paper lunch bags, and stringing them on a piece of colorful ribbon.

Paper Wars

Grab your friends and go to war with a bunch of newspaper! Players divide into teams to see which group can out-crumple, out-throw, and outlast their opponents. Follow it up with another one of our games, “Recycle Relay” and you’ve got a great Earth Day combination.

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Recycle Relay

This is a great relay race to play in conjunction with our “Paper Wars” game, or to make cleanup after a party fun! Teams vie to clear the playing field of debris. Which team can gather and sort the neighborhood trash the fastest? For fun, create a “cash for trash” sign and give each team member a gold chocolate coin for participating.

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How to Make a Paper Napkin Flower

Turn leftover party napkins into a beautiful flower with ease. Napkins can make wonderful flowers to decorate any room for any party. Making them can also keep you and your children entertained for hours!

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Packing Peanut Art

Biodegradable packing peanuts are one of the best materials for craft projects. They are wonderful for the environment, easy to decompose, and make incredibly sturdy crafts! There really isn't anything that can't be done with biodegradable packing peanuts... so enjoy and have fun!

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Tie-dyed Coffee Filter Butterfly

The inexpensive materials used in this craft, make them a great choice for the classroom or any situation where you need a big bang on a little budget.

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How to Make a TP Tube Maraca

Shake things up by turning a toilet paper tube into a musical masterpiece! Perfect for any age, this craft can start a family band in minutes with just a few supplies found in every home!

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My favorite part of the event was the dining table. We wrapped the table in green plastic, then used duct tape to create a road and curbside straight down the middle. Each child received a juice box wrapped in a cover that made it look like a little house. We also used blue and green cups and placed little recycling stickers on each one, so that they looked like recycling bins. Each place setting also sported tiny little trash bags of treats (I simply took regular trash bags, cut them into 5-inch squares, placed treats in the center, then rubber banded the ends and trimmed the extra corners to make them look like a tiny trash bags), a set of plastic silverware wrapped in a napkin with a “please recycle” napkin ring, and a garbage truck plate.

We filled the piñata with little fabric drawstring bags with a leaf print on each one. Each bag was filled we a few sweet treats, and a mini garbage truck. I actually purchased the bags from Oriental Trading then using acrylic paint, I added a leaf print to each bag.

Finally, we brought down the house with our easy to make, and super fun to destroy paper bag piñata.