A Percy Jackson Party Planning

Roll up a piece of paper like a scroll. If you can, use a parchment type paper, or use the tea staining technique to make your paper look old, all the better. Write something along the lines of:

By order of the Oracle, all Half-bloods are requested to attend an emergency session at Camp Half Blood.  

Then give all your basic information and request that they RSVP to Head Camp Counselor Chiron.  Chiron is a centaur, so if you wanted to sign the invite with a hoof print, that would be fun!

Camp Half Blood is just that: a camp.  The thing that makes it different it that it’s a camp for kids who are half God and half human.  Make a funny camp signs like...

  • Hephaestus’ Forges .5 miles
  • Armory .25 miles
  • Amphitheater .35 miles
  • Pegasus Stables .1 miles
  • Mt. Olympus (pointing straight up)
  • Ancient Greece 3,426.2 miles

Print up a copy of the Camp Half Blood map from Rick Riordan’s site

You could make a pretend campfire using branches and stones.  Use red and yellow cellophane to look like flames. If you are feeling super adventurous, make simple banners or signs to represent the different cabins and arrange them as they appear in the book.  (You could also make this an activity that the kids do as they arrive).

Finally, print up pictures of mythical creatures from the web and place them all around.

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  • Bag of chocolate coins (golden drachmas)
  • Light sticks (like the ones mentioned above)
  • Camp Half Blood necklaces
  • Mythical creatures
  • Copy of one of the books

Get one of those Light-up glowsticks and draw a lightning bolt on the side with a sharpie marker.  Hide the “bolt” somewhere and have everyone hunt for it (this is super fun if it’s hidden in a dark place).