A Golden Birthday Party Planning

Keep this simple by just sending out invites that say “Stay Golden”, or fill the envelope with golden stars or confetti - although that is not always a popular choice.

I have to admit, we went a little cray-cray on the Amazon orders!  Oriental Trading has an unbelievable storehouse of exciting supplies as well. From mylar curtains (always a hit with the 10 and under set), to paper fans, orbs, and swirls.  There are buntings, banners, and all types of stars.  There are numbers, tableclothspaper goods, and the above mentioned confetti. Basically there is anything imaginable.  To ensure that our decor didn’t become too flashy, we added turquoise and white as accent colors.  My advice, set a budget and go to town online.  You’d be amazed how much you can get for $50.00.

Make 'em Laugh!

Trying not to laugh when your friends are acting wild and crazy might be the hardest task in the world! There are many variations of this popular game, but the principle is the same - everyone tries as hard as possible to be serious while one person tries as hard as possible to make everyone laugh!

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We had fun with the food.  Instead of trying for food that was actually gold, we went for things with gold in the name: “gold”fish crackers, rold “gold” pretzels, “golden” raisins, crispy “golden” tater tots, 24 “carrot” gold (carrots), Gold Medal Apple Juice, and golden weiner wraps.