A "Cowboys and Aliens" Party Planning

For centerpieces, I took the basic concept of a mason jar filled with sunflowers and alien-ated it! I found these adorable inflatable aliens at Rhode Island Novelty. They were tiny little guys made to hug a person’s arm, so they were perfect for the centerpieces. I wrapped the top of the mason jar with a bandana for a bit more cowboy flair, and then hooked the alien to the mason jar, so it looked like he was hugging the centerpiece. The effect was whimsical and fun, and everyone loved it. The kids went wild for them, and every single one went home with a guest.

Big aliens served as decor. I placed them all around the grove where the picnic was being held, peeking out behind trees, popping out of bushes, hiding in the outhouse... it was a hoot. Again, the kids went crazy for them!


Horse shoes

Children race back and forth shoeing their imaginary horses in this competitive, Western-themed relay race. The requires only a few household items and is a great game for your next hoedown or for any kid who love horses!

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Potato Sack Race

Hopping frantically to the finish line in a potato sack never ceases to amuse even the most timid of children. Potato sack races have a million variations, each one as fun as the next. Don't fret if you can't find potato sacks, I've got many alternatives that work just as well!

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Water Balloon Toss

Everyone gets a little giggly around water balloons. The excitement of popping them and getting wet makes even the simplest games exhilarating. Water Balloon Toss involves nothing more than tossing a water balloon back and forth with increased distance and - it's a total blast.

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The kids won tickets to redeem at a little prize stand which featured 5-foot blow-up aliens and sheriff badges.