When I was growing up, birthday cake was a big deal. Since I was an only child until I was 15, and living during a time when most people celebrated birthdays with their families, I was lucky to get birthday cake at various celebrations five or six times a year.

Now, it’s totally different. Kids seem to be at a birthday party every weekend. This has led to an interesting dilemma: the “I’m totally over cake” syndrome. That’s right; kids are becoming bored with cake! So in order to keep kids excited about what should be the highlight of any birthday party -- the song, the candles, and the cake -- I’ve come up with some suggestions for alternative treats to satisfy those picky sweet teeth!


Sophie and her ice cream sundae|sophie-world.com

Ice cream sundaes
This is always a hit. Set up a little stations with all your favorite toppings, some whipped cream, and one or two ice creams, and you are set. You can even pre-scoop the ice cream into little cups ahead of time and keep in the freezer for easy serving. (You can also make it super-easy on yourself by just doing pre-packaged popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, or bars).

Donut tower
Whether it’s a stack of your favorite chocolate-covered crullers, or a mountain of glazed donut holes, there’s something very impressive about a tall stack of donuts.


creative birthday desserts can be made from jello and pudding

Whether you do something fun with it, like put it in a fancy mold, or just plop it on a plate with some whipped cream, the wiggly, jiggly confection is bound to make kids squeal with delight.

Right up there with Jello, people don’t eat enough pudding! So it’s a special treat when they do get it! You can make it into “dirt”, like we did for an “Earth Day” themed party, or just serve it in a pretty bowl!

Rice Crispy treats
Since these treats are super-malleable, you can mold them into everything from snowmen to an actual three-layered cake. You can even coat them with chocolate!


Cake pops are a great way to control sugar intake|sophie-world.com

Cake pops
The newest sensation that has been overtaking even the cupcake scene, these little pops can be decorated, like cupcakes, to resemble almost anything from a smiling sun to a penquin. The best part about them is they are super easy to serve, and maybe four bites total.

Mrs. Fields has been making cookie “cakes” for years, but nothing beats a big pile of cookies on a plate. Let the kids decorate their own for an extra treat.


Create edible topiaries out of candy|sophie-world.com

An edible candy house makes a good alternative|sophie-world.com

We’ve made mini candy “topiary trees” in the past, and they are always a hit. After all, what child with a penchant for sugar can resist candy. You can even buy “cakes” made out of candy or if you really want something wild, take a big pile of cotton candy and put a candle in the middle! You’ve got to act fast though with cotton candy, because the longer it sits, the more it begins to mush (which is the highly technical term for when it begins to melt, crystallize, and just get plain yucky).


maybe even try cotton candy instead of cake|sophie-world.com

Use your imagination! I remember we did a pancake cake once for a Pippy Longstocking-inspired party! The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever, and still talk about it to this day! As long as it’s a treat that your child loves, and you can stick a candle in it, then it works.