1. 1 popsicle stick per player or team
  2. 6 sugar cubes per player or team
  3. Stopwatch or other timer
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1. Decide if you will be playing as individuals or as teams, and break up into teams as necessary.
2. Make sure each person (or each team) has their popsicle stick and sugar cubes.
3. Appoint a judge, timer, and scorekeeper -- if you don't have enough people for all three duties, you can give one person multiple responsibilities.

How to Play: 

1. On "Go!" the player places a popsicle stick in their mouth. Using one hand, player places one sugar cube on the end of the popsicle stick. Player continues stacking sugar cubes, one at a time, on top of each other, to make a tower of 6 cubes. In order to win the challenge, the tower must stay standing for a full 3 seconds.
2. If at any time the cubes fall, the player can pick them up and start over, but only one hand can be used.
3. Whoever can stack all six cubes and hold the tower for a full 3 seconds first wins!

Activity Length: 
Indefinite (as long as you want!)
Competitive (has winners and losers)
Use your noodle! (challenging; focus required)
Mess Factor: 
Dustpan, please
Noise Level: 
Number of Players: 
3 to 4
5 to 10
10 to 20
As many as you can handle!
Prep Time: 
No prep time needed!
Space Needed: 
Small (a clearable open space the size of a 1-car garage)
Team Division: 
Every man for himself (individual players)