You Will Need ...
  1. Our downloadable template - found under the Stats tab above

  2. Paper (any kind will work, but I suggest Origami paper)

  3. Glue dots (or hot glue)

  4. Scissors

  5. Pen or pencil

  6. 2 pipe cleaners

  7. 3 pony beads

  8. 1 large head bead

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Step 1: 

Download our PDF template and cut out the kimono and hat shapes. Place the templates on the pretty paper you are using for the kimono, and trace the template. The circular shape will be the hat, and the odd polygon shape will become the kimono.

Step 2: 

Once traced, go ahead and cut out your shapes.

Step 3: 

For your hat (the circular template), be sure to cut a line from the outside of the circle to the center. This will make folding the paper into a cone shape easier later. Likewise, be sure to cut out the diamond shape in the "neck" of the kimono, so you can pull your beadlin' through! An easy way to do this is to fold your kimono in half as shown, then make a V-shaped cut through both sides.

Step 4: 

Take one pipe cleaner and cut it in half; take the other and fold it in half.

Step 5: 

Slide the head bead up the folded pipe cleaner, with the ends of the pipe cleaner going trough the bead first. Leave a little bit of pipe cleaner at the top and fold it over; this will keep the bead in place.

Step 6: 

Next, slide up one of the pony beads for a neck!

Step 7: 

Stick the ends of the pipe cleaner body through the V-shaped hole in the kimono.

Step 8: 

Take one of the cut pipe cleaner pieces and wrap it once around the pipe cleaner body to make arms!

Step 9: 

To seal the doll's clothes together, apply four glue dots to the bottom layer of the kimono, one by each sleeve, and one on either side of the pipe cleaner body. Close the kimono and press it shut!

Step 10: 

Time for some hands. Take the remaining two pony beads and slide them on the end of each pipe cleaner arm. Wrap the tip of the pipe cleaner around the beads to hold them in place.

Step 11: 

Now onto the hat! Take your cut-out circular shape and apply a glue dot right next to the slit. Overlap the other side to it, creating a slight cone shape.

Step 12: 

Place your last glue dot on the head bead of your doll and glue on the hat. Your kimono doll is complete!

Craft Length: 
5 - 15 minutes
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Prep Time: 
5 minutes or less
1 adult per 10 children

Here are a few of mine.

Variation Photos: