You Will Need ...
  1. plastic easter egg

  2. small gift or prize for inside the egg

  3. assorted flat gifts

  4. crepe paper streamer

  5. scissors

  6. googley or sticker eyes

  7. card stock

  8. pink marker

  9. ballpoint pen

  10. small pom pom

  11. glue dots

  12. rubber band

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Step 1: 

Open up your plastic egg and place your special surprise inside of it.

Step 2: 

I prefer to use small plastic eggs to keep the size of the wrapped ball manageable.  That means you need to trim the crepe paper streamer to fit the egg.  Cut your crepe paper streamer into strips approximately 3/4" wide.

Step 3: 

Begin wrapping the streamer around the egg.  Hold the streamer with your finger and wrap a few layers around the egg in every direction.

Step 4: 

When you run out of the thin strip of streamer place a rubber band around the egg to hold the streamer in place and cut some additional length.

Step 5: 

Once you have created a base of streamer you can start adding smaller surprises.  It is best if these are flat, like stickers, tattoos, mustaches, etc.

Step 6: 

Lay your first surprise onto the egg and cover with more streamer.  Continue wrapping and adding surprises until your reach the size you desire.  Cut the end of your streamer.

Step 7: 

Create your face at the point where the streamer ended.  Here I am using a piece of a heart sticker to serve as the bunny's nose and hold down the end of the streamer.

Step 8: 

Use googley eyes or sticker eyes and a your ballpoint pen to complete his face.

Step 9: 

Cut two ears out out of cardstock.  Color the inside of them pink using your pen.

Step 10: 

Use hot glue or glue dots to attach the ears to the back of the surprise ball.  I have also attached a small pom pom as his tail.  All done.