You Will Need ...
  1. work surface

  2. duct tape

  3. ruler

  4. x-acto knife

  5. key ring

  6. scissors

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Step 1: 

Our clutch is 4.5" x 4.5".  We will begin by creating the duct tape fabric.  The fabric will need to be 4.5" x 9".  Step 1. Cut three pieces of tape in the inside color of your clutch to 9" in length. Step 2. Lay those pieces on your board and overlap each approximately 1/2".  Your final width of your three pieces should be 4.5".

Step 2: 

This fabric will be slightly different than my traditional duct tape fabric in that the edges are sealed.  To create it, flip your three pieces of tape over sticky side up.  The pieces of tape that will become the outside color of your clutch should be longer by an inch and wider by 1/2 inch.  Lay these pieces of tape over the inside tape, leaving half an inch hanging onto your board on the top and on both sides.  Overlap these pieces like you did the inside pieces until the sticky is entirely covered and there is a 1/2 border all the way around.

Step 3: 

Flip the completed piece of fabric over.  It should resemble a picture frame.  Make angled cuts at each corner of the sticky.  This will enable you to fold the edges in cleanly.

Step 4: 

Fold the top sticky edges in (1) and then the side sticky edges (2) in.  You now have a piece of fabric with sealed edges.

Step 5: 

Measure one piece of tape, matching the inside color, to 4.5".  Cut that in half to create two pieces of tape 1" x 4.5".

Step 6: 

We will be using this tape to seal the inside of the clutch.  Lay each piece half on the inside of the clutch and then fold it onto itself so the other sticky side is facing up.  Fold the fabric down on top of it to close.  This is sealing the inside of the fabric and preventing it from being sticky inside.  Don't worry if there is sticky visible on the outside.  This will be covered by more tape.

Step 7: 

Once secured on the inside use two 1" x 4.5" pieces of tape in the color of the outside of your clutch to seal each side.  This is done using the half on/half off method we use for our standard duct tape pouch.

Step 8: 

Your pouch is complete.  Next, the straps.  Meausre two pieces of tape to 4" and 12" respectively.  

Step 9: 

Fold them each into thirds to create a basic duct tape strap.

Step 10: 

Attach one end of the smaller strap to one of the top corners of your clutch.

Step 11: 

Slide your key ring over the small strap and then fold the other end of the strap up to the clutch and attach with more tape.

Step 12: 

Next we will make the handle strap.  Fold the large strap in half and then fold the open ends up approximately an inch.  Use a 1" piece of tape to secure the handle together.

Step 13: 

Next you will need to make a hole in the large strap to insert your key ring.  Begin by making a small cut with your X-Acto knife. Carefully rock the X-acto in place until a small hole is created. Be careful to not slice through the duct tape (or your fingers!).  When the hole is made enlarge it using your scissors.

Step 14: 

Open up your key ring and insert it through the hole in your strap, just like you would if you were adding keys to it.

Step 15: 

Once complete add a piece of embellisment tape around the handle to secure.

Craft Length: 
15 - 30 minutes
Use your noodle! (challenging; focus required)
Duct Tape: 
Purses and Bags
Prep Time: 
5 minutes or less