You Will Need ...
  1. 8"x11" sheet of duct tape fabric

  2. X-acto Knife

  3. Scissors

  4. Cutting Surface

  5. Duct Tape (two colors)

  6. Wire Brads (To Attach handles)

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Step 1: 

Begin with your 8"x11" sheet of duct tape fabric. Fold it in half length-wise.

Step 2: 

Use strips of duct tape to seal the fabric - half on, half off.  As we have done with many purses and bags.

Step 3: 

Flip the entire piece over and seal the back.

Step 4: 

Trim any excess.

Step 5: 

You should now have an envelope shape. Take one of your corners and fold it in (creating a pouch). Seal this triangle down with a piece of same color duct tape.  I prefer to seal on the bottom of the bag.

Step 6: 

Fold in the opposite corner and seal in the same manner. You can use extra tape here to make sure the bottom is super secure.

Step 7: 

In folding in the corners you will have exposed a sticky seam inside your bag.  Use two strips of tape to cover up that exposed sticky part.

Step 8: 

You can fold the top of the strip over the edge of the bag..

Step 9: 

Now to create a more "puckered" face for your animal purse, pinch each side slightly inward and seal off with some small strips of duct tape.

Step 10: 

Repeat Step 9 on the opposite side. You should now have a nice and evenly puckered pouch. Your purse is essentially complete. The only thing left to do is add a strap.

Step 11: 

I am creating a strap that is 24inches long.  Lay a 24" piece of tape sticky side up on your work surface. Fold it over 1/3 the way up onto itself. If you have not made a strap before you can see my tutorial here.  (Tip: it may be easier for you to create the strap out of two shorter pieces)

Step 12: 

Fold the remaining 1/3 of the piece up to seal the strap. Trim off any rough edges. Fold the strap in half and use your X-Acto knife to make a tiny slit about 1-inch from each end of the strap. (This is where the wire brads will attach to the purse base)

Step 13: 

Carefully (please watch your fingers!) create two slits on either side of your pouch by holding the pinch and poking your X-Acto knife through.

Step 14: 

Take your wire brads and feed them through the straps and the purse base.

Step 15: 

Open up the brads on both sides and using some extra duct tape, cover the brad.

Craft Length: 
15 - 30 minutes
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Duct Tape: 
Purses and Bags
Jewelry and wearables
Back to School
Prep Time: 
No prep time needed!
1 adult per 5 children