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As a party planner with a warehouse filled with everything from art supplies to Zoo Animal decorations, I know the importance of organization.  That's not to say that I know where everything is, or exactly how much red yarn I have.  For the most part, my warehouse is pretty well organized.  However, the recent "shelter in place" order opened my eyes to the real need for space maintenance.   All of a sudden I found myself producing virtual crafting classes in my dining room,

I became interested in meditation about 12 years ago.  I had been hearing about its benefits for years from what I would call my "yoga friends".  Quite frankly, I didn't think I had the time to dedicate to such a practice.  My "YFs" were always heading off to spiritual retreats, talking about taking time to find themselves and quite frankly were a bit too "woo woo" for me.  

Sophie demonstrates some of the recent creations from her Virtual Art Class and invites you to join. 

Classes are at 3pm Pacific Time, Monday, Wednesday and Friday via Zoom. All classes use materials commonly found in most households.

You can sign up for the class and my newsletter here.

20 Apr 2020

The other day I received the most wonderful package in the mail from Book and Bear.  Book and Bear is an online subscription and gifting service that mixes two of my favorite things - Books and Crafting.  Now before I go any further, full disclosure,

It's an interesting notion...being an influencer.  I never actually considered myself one.  Until I took a good, hard look at what it is I do for a living, or should I say "used to do, before the Virus descended upon us".