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Sophie on the sound stage|sophie-world.com

On Wednesday, my team and I gathered at one of my amazing client's houses, as we often do before any major event. This time was no different than others: we came with a van full of crafts, props, and costume changes, all of us filled with excitement and anticipation¦ The only difference was, we weren't there to do a party. We were there to film video clips for our upcoming website!

My client had graciously offered up her house as a filming location, so after promising to make sure not to spook the dog and to clean up after ourselves, we overtook the kitchen.

Sophie the party girl|sophie-world.com

When I look back at the path my life has taken, it's pretty clear to me that I was meant to be a kids party planner.

21 Jan 2011
Sophie headshot|sophie-world.com

Okay. So I know I’m new to this blog thing, and I don’t want to appear to be negative or anything, but after 16 years of doing parties I have a serious bone to pick with San Francisco…

SFers don't RSVP!

As a party planter this drives me cuh-ray-zee! I mean, seriously! Please think about this: how am I supposed to know how many fairy wings I’m supposed to order if you don’t let the host know you are coming?!

19 Jan 2011

Hey everyone!  My name is Sophie.  I'm a kid's party planner and it goes without saying that I have possibly one of the best jobs in the world.  Or maybe it does need to be said -- so I'll tell you all about it!

The job fits me perfectly because I'm basically a "jack of all trades, master of none"... which some folks might find depressing, but in my line of work, it makes me a goddess.  (And I don't say that lightly!)