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16 Feb 2011
we even look a bit alike|sophie-world./com

In the party biz, I have a great many of what I like to call "MacGyver Moments." For those of you who miss the reference, MacGyver was a TV show in the mid-Eighties to early Nineties. The main character was a troubleshooter who would solve problems in non-violent ways, often using only what he had on hand (most readily duct tape and a Swiss Army knife). And from the looks of it, he and I could have shared the same hair stylist!

11 Feb 2011
Sophie in her sombrero|sophie-world.com

I think Murphy (of Murphy's Law fame - you know, "anything that can go wrong, will") must have a little place in his heart for us small business owners.

Both my husband and I own and operate our own small companies. He has video production, and I've got party planning. Usually, our jobs keep us on the fast-paced setting on the treadmill of life. We both pretty much work 24/7. This, I know, is nothing new to most Americans who spend most of their time trying to balance work, family, and the occasional getaway.

Penguin from a shampoo bottle|sophie-world.com

One of the things I try to inspire in folks is to look at things (bottles, packing materials, trash cans - everything!) in different ways. Sure, it's easy to look at a plastic water bottle and see a container for other things: liquid soap, detergent, other liquids. But I'm talking about seeing it for really different possibilities. A rocket perhaps, or a pirate ship, maybe a baby doll? The challenge lies in looking at it for its basic shape.