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15 May 2020
The Wididi Easy Up Hook - An Amazing New Way to Hang Decorations

Being an event coordinator I am always on the lookout for ways to hang decor without harming any surface.  This can be a daunting task in venues with strict rules.  So when I was offered the opportunity to try out this relatively new product that promised to make decorating "fun and easy" I jumped at the opportunity.

I must say, at first I was a little dubious.  The price point seemed a bit high, $15.95 for 4 hooks.  Especially when you compare it to the cost of 3-M's damage free hanger hooks.  But, being one who has used 3M hooks, a lot, I can tell you that they don't always release the way they are intended. I have had issues where they pull paint or leave a residue.  So I figured if these hooks offered up a truly damage-free solution for hanging decor, it was worth a try.

After spending some time with the Wididi Easy Ups I get it.  The hooks can be used over and over again, on various surfaces, and in a variety of ways.  The basic premise is a combination of tiny little gripping pins (they look like the tips of a pushpin) and pressure.  The strong plastic hook bends when a bit of pressure is applied.  You then place the hook in a 90-degree corner (I found that I needed to secure one set of gripping pins to the wall) and then release the pressure to lock the hook in place. It took me a few tries to get the hang of it. Once I did, I found that I could secure the hook on a variety of surfaces - wooden door frames, textured plaster, wallboard, wooden cabinets, concrete, and even plexiglass (although I did note a tiny bit of scraping left by the pins when I removed the hook).

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.   The hooks work really well.  They don't hold a ton of weight, Wididi says 2.2 pounds (1kg) max, which makes it good for things like banners, lightweight twinkle lights and paper decorations. I wouldn't use them for things like carnival lights or heavy decor.  The other thing is you do need a corner - meaning if you've got a flat wall, you'd better be able to reach the ceiling.  The other thing I liked about the hook is that it has 3 knobs for hanging items - which should cover the myriad of items one needs to hang quite well.


All in all, I think it's a good product.  I'm not sure if my very particular historical buildings will allow me to use the hooks (they will probably cringe at the sight of those tiny gripping pins) but I think it's worth a shot.  I'm definitely taking them to my next event...whenever that might be.