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23 Apr 2013
What's up with the 'stache?
Stache Header|sophie-world.com

Is it just me, or have fake mustaches taken over the world? I’ve been using fake mustaches at parties for years; I love the fuzzy, sticky-backed little things. I’ve had mustache bars at spy-themed parties forever! And seriously, who could ever resist the mustache-on-a-stick prop that comes with most photobooths?

How to make a mustache on a stick|sophie-world.com

Still, this is a veritable mustache invasion! I’m talking mustache necklaces, rings, coffee mugs, bandaids, duct tape... Mustache embellished pacifiers, lollipops, straws, even sunglasses with little mustaches on chains that are meant to hang below the nose! Mustaches are popping up on stationery, pen tops, t-shirts, and phone covers, on lunch bags, wrapping paper, and shot glasses! There’s even mustache candy!

Sophie as Mario with staches|sophie-world.com
Cupcakes with mustaches|sophie-world.com

The funniest thing, though, is that with the exception of my dad, I don’t know anybody who actually has a mustache. Now that I think of it, there are very few mustachioed individuals walking around today -- except maybe on Duck Dynasty, but those guys have beards too, so it doesn’t count...

The capper, though, was yesterday. While out driving from one event to the next, I saw not one... not two... but seven cars sporting oversized pink mustaches on the grills of their cars! Evidently they are made by this fellow Ethan Eyler of Carstache LLC, but it wasn’t until I did a little research and discovered that the pink mustached cars are actually part of a new “Uber-like” app based car service called “Lyft”. Lyft is going for a friendlier (literally) approach to taxi service, by making the experience more about connecting with your driver than zooming you from place to place. The mustache helps add some levity, and also clearly identifies the cars as a Lyft-mobile.

Pink mustaches on cars|sophie-world.com

I guess my big question becomes: how long will this mustache craze last? And what exactly does one do with a three-foot fuzzy mustache once one has removed it from one’s bumper? I suppose you could give it a good scrub and hang it on the wall as pop art... or maybe stick two of them back to back to make a pillow or bolster of sorts. I’m sure by the time that the craze has worn off, Ethan will have come up with some new product that will make people smile. But in the meantime, I have this weird vision of aliens landing years from now and looking back at 2013 and thinking, “Hmmm, levels of status must have been conveyed through facial hair... Perhaps there was some plague that took away the ability to grow said hair...” One thing’s for sure, if I make a time capsule for 2013... I’m including some mustaches!

Bea Bea with mustache|sophie-world.com