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11 Jul 2013
Learn How to Make Edible Centerpieces at Sophie-World.com

Lately, in an effort to cut down on waste, a few of my clients have been turning to alternative centerpieces.  The trend of creating donate-able centerpieces has been around for some time, but in the past year or so I’ve noticed a new trend - the edible centerpiece.  As you have probably noticed, one of the fastest growing franchises right now creates “edible arrangements” - bouquets made of fruit. The arrangements are very pretty, with the fruit mimicking flowers.

Swag and the birth of the Mints Bar

I have a client who loves swag. She lives for it! Whenever we’re doing a big party for her, her first question is “What sort of swag can we make, and where will it go?”

For those of you unfamiliar with the term “swag," it's basically branded goodies that corporations give out at big events, like as the Academy Awards. In smaller events, like Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, it’s usually an item that bears the name or created logo of the Mitzvah kid.

07 Jun 2013
Lase Maze Header|sophie-world.com

I have a client whose son always gives me a challenge that just makes my day! A few weeks ago, we sat down to discuss his “James Bond” themed spy party. He was quite adamant that it be high tech and include things like computer decoding and flight simulators (thank you Apple and your iPad for inexpensive flight training apps!).

Donateable centerpieces|sophie-world.com

One of the things I’ve always admired in some of my young Mitzvah clients is their dedication to our environment and helping others. It’s a growing trend I’m seeing more and more, and when it actually spills over into their events, it really makes me smile.

One of the ways this has become most apparent is in the way we decorate, specifically in the centerpieces for the tables.

23 May 2013
Combining Parties|sophie-world.com

I’ve said it many times before, but I’m going to say it again: kids go to too many birthday parties! I’ve met parents who have spent their entire weekends carting their children from one affair to another. I ran into one parent who bemoaned the fact that in one day she had a 10:00 drop off for her youngest, an 11:00 drop off for her oldest, a 12:00 pick up for the youngest, followed by a 1:30 drop off for her middle twins, a 3:00 pick up for her oldest, and then finally a 3:30 pick up for her twins...