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19 Mar 2015
On Set |sophie-world.com

Since July of 2014, when my book was published, I have been making promotional appearances on television and elsewhere.  One of my first local appearances was on Sacramento's ABC News 10 daily show, Sac and Co.  I really clicked with the production team there and since that time I have been making monthly appearances.

Playland Not at the Beach|sophie-world.com

Every now and then I’m lucky enough to stumble upon a hidden gem, and when I do, the first thing I want to do is share it with everyone I know.

Valentine Cookies-Lessons learned from a seven year old

You know the old saying practice what you preach?  Well, I was presented with a situation that put that to the test recently.  I talk regularly about how the experience is much more important than the final product.  How the time you spend with your child creating memories means infinitely more than ending up with something you can hang on your wall or admire on a shelf.  

I recently wrote about how absolutely terrified I was of an upcoming project.  A 10-lession video course for Curious.com on how to make a duct tape dress!  Well, I am now absolutely thrilled to announce that we did it!   The class is now officially up and running and I’m thrilled with what we’ve done!  

The Storm of the Century|sophie-world.com

It’s rare that weather in the SF Bay Area makes news.  We live in an area known for its predictable climate.  We get a little fog, a little rain, we get a touch of drought every few decades, but most of the time, it’s pretty mild.  Other than the fact that in less than 50 square miles you may find no less than 7 "micro-climates", we are usually chillin’ at a partly sunny 55 degrees. Day in and day out.