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Every year at this time, my team and I plan and run 4 holiday parties for organizations that support the homeless and at-risk population in the Bay Area.  These events range from small gatherings in the center’s dining hall, to large events in donated mansions. Each event is very special and has it’s own flavor.  One is all about making a stuffed animal, another about having quality time with Santa.

BTS Halloween | sophie-world.com

Halloween is upon us.  Our first few events are behind us. Everyone is working their fingers to the bone, literally!  

As I mentioned in last week's blog, we’re creating two entirely new themes this year, Zombie Prom and Political Hell.  Both are large events for over 600 people.  That requires a ton of decor, a good deal of it created by my amazing design team Freda and Steve (and my Mom!)

Here’s a little peek at what they have been doing:

star wars party glam | sophie-world.com

Every now and again I get the opportunity to go over-the-top in my party planning.  Now, I know what you're thinking - for most people, hiring a party planner for your kid’s birthday alone is over-the-top. Remember, I live in San Francisco, in the heart of the tech industry.  The economy here is different than most places, to say the least.

golden birthday glam | sophie-world.com

Let's take a poll: Do you know when your “golden" birthday is?  Everyone has one.  If you are like I was prior to moving West, this may be your first encounter with the term.  If you guessed your 50th, that’s a good guess, seeing as a 50th wedding anniversary is gold. You’d be waaay off.  By at least 19 years.  A “golden" birthday is when the day of your birth matches the number or years you are old.  For example, I was born May 6. My golden birthday would have been when I turned 6.

simple jungle decor | sophie-world.com

It’s amazing what a little rolled paper can do!

Recently, Amazon has started packing shipments with giant wads of brown paper.  I don’t know if it’s coming from Amazon itself or one of their vendors. But for some reason the last 6 or 7 deliveries I received were cushioned by snakelike vines of rolled paper.  Wait a minute...did I say...vines?

Yep...leave it to Amazon packing materials to inspire my team.