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CHipS crime box | sophie-world.com

Recently, I had a young client request a CHiPS party.  The birthday boy was turning 10. I thought this was a tiny bit odd, since the new CHiPS movie, starring Max Pena and Dax Shepard, is definitely not G-rated, or even PG-13 for that matter.  However, his mother explained, with a slightly embarrassed grin, that it wasn't the movie he was into, but the old, 1970's TV show!

29 Jun 2017

I will be the first to admit, I am not what you would call a “girly girl”.  I’m not into manicures, or facials, or spa treatments.  What I am into is science!  I love things that bubble, spark, and brew!  I love things that have texture and smell.  I love mixing ingredients and watching them turn into something new.  Which is why, despite having no interesting in actually using these products, I really enjoy making homemade spa supplies.  

11 May 2017

Some time ago I wrote a blog about how it seemed everything was getting smaller.  Well, it seems times have changed. Is it just me or is everything getting bigger?  

Recently we helped facilitate a Western Themed School Mixer.  The idea was to combine classes from a local all-boys and all-girls school. This would give the families of the 2020 graduates a chance to mingle and get to know one another.  There was a mechanical bull, laser tag shoot out at the OK Corral, a western-themed crafting corner, and family photos in the “poke”.  

One of the big hits of the day was our “Happy Trails” trail mix bar.  

20 Apr 2017

The other day my husband Scott sent me an article about a little girl who wanted a Poop Emoji party!