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Light up these paper cones for Halloween|sophie-world.com

I’m constantly impressed by the glut of new items and products that spring up on the market every day. It opens the door to so many creative projects (and uses that I’m sure they were never originally intended for!). I love walking down the aisles of my local hardware store, department store, or pharmacy -- there’s always sooo much to see!

05 Aug 2011
Air filled balloons make great lanterns

Okay. I admit this with the loudest possible voice: I am not perfect! In fact, I make tons of mistakes. However, as many of you know from your own life experiences, often necessity is the mother of invention... or in my case, “forgetfulness is the open door to creativity.”

It happened at an event just the other day: I was supposed to bring my helium tank and blow up two dozen balloons to serve as decor in the family dining room where lunch was being served. I should note that the client’s house was a good 45 minute drive, over a bridge, from my warehouse.