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I realize it’s almost Thanksgiving...and I really should be focusing on all things that gobble and get gobbled up...but I just couldn’t wait until next October to share my most recent zombie decorations.  

It’s been unseasonably warm of late in San Francisco, thank you global warming. The past few days however, have hinted at the arrival of our West Coast Fall.  Being an East coaster at heart, this is the one time of the year when I start to pine for my Philadelphia days; leaves raining down from the skies, the crisp smell of moisture in the air, grey clouds above that hint at an early snowfall. That being said, I don’t miss the static filled "hat head" hair, the constantly dripping nose, or the un-thawable fingertips and toes.  

BTS Halloween | sophie-world.com

Halloween is upon us.  Our first few events are behind us. Everyone is working their fingers to the bone, literally!  

As I mentioned in last week's blog, we’re creating two entirely new themes this year, Zombie Prom and Political Hell.  Both are large events for over 600 people.  That requires a ton of decor, a good deal of it created by my amazing design team Freda and Steve (and my Mom!)

Here’s a little peek at what they have been doing:

simple jungle decor | sophie-world.com

It’s amazing what a little rolled paper can do!

Recently, Amazon has started packing shipments with giant wads of brown paper.  I don’t know if it’s coming from Amazon itself or one of their vendors. But for some reason the last 6 or 7 deliveries I received were cushioned by snakelike vines of rolled paper.  Wait a minute...did I say...vines?

Yep...leave it to Amazon packing materials to inspire my team.  

16 Apr 2015
Party Time- My Favorite Decor Items|sophie-world.com

About 10 years ago, during preparations for a fairy party, I asked my assistants Steve and Freda to create some large decor elements for the event.   My goal was to transport our guests to a magical forest.  The challenge was we only had 1 hour to transform a rather shabby rental space into an imaginary fairy grotto, complete with a dining area, crafting stations, and food tables.  Basically, I needed to make a big impact, quickly with as few easy pieces as possible.