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18 May 2011

You know, I am constantly amazed by how creative and inventive people are! There is such talent in our universe, and it just blows me away. I love the fact that because of this wonderful tool called the “Internet,” people can share what they’ve made with the world with the click of a button. It’s pretty inspiring.

Of late, I’ve become particularly aware of an interesting phenomenon - it appears, at least to me, that ideas sort of happen in waves.

a vintage Paas box | sophie-world.com

Easter was always one of my favorite holidays. Not because of the fancy dresses or hats (gah, I hated those! One year I was even forced to wear gloves!), not because of the family gathering together for ham and potato brunch after services, not for the cute bunnies and chickies (although my mother will tell you all about the year she got live dyed Easter chicks in her basket), not even for the week we got off from school. No, Easter was always special because of one thing, and one thing only: the Easter egg hunt!

Mexican McGyver|sophie-world.com

Mexico is an amazingly inventive place. If people don’t have something at hand (which is often the case around here), they come up with some other way of doing it. Usually it involves something precarious, or maybe even a little dangerous, but hey… They get the job done!

Penguin from a shampoo bottle|sophie-world.com

One of the things I try to inspire in folks is to look at things (bottles, packing materials, trash cans - everything!) in different ways. Sure, it's easy to look at a plastic water bottle and see a container for other things: liquid soap, detergent, other liquids. But I'm talking about seeing it for really different possibilities. A rocket perhaps, or a pirate ship, maybe a baby doll? The challenge lies in looking at it for its basic shape.