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20 Crafts for $20 - Part One

A few weeks ago, I gave myself a little challenge. I went to my local dollar store and purchased what I considered to be the essentials for a solid kid’s crafting kit.  From this kit, I committed to creating 20 different crafts, using only the kit and a few household items.  In the process of doing this, I discovered some important things:

10 Apr 2014
Blog-Eggberts|They're bound to crack you up!|sophie-world.com

A lot of people think of Easter and Christmas as holidays for children. But, that doesn’t mean we adults can’t have fun too!  

Scott and I have a dear friend who hosts a very grown up Easter brunch every year. She sets a beautiful table, cooks an amazing meal, and lets me provide the entertainment.  

Thus began the “Eggbert” tradition.

What, you may ask, is an eggbert?  Well it’s a little egg that has been decorated like a critter - be it human, animal, or otherworldly.  

Hidden Compartment Mason Jar Funny Bunnies|sophie-world.com

My sister Freda recently got married and in doing so inherited two adorable “nieces”.  They are actually first cousins once removed, or one of those family tree branches that no one can really remember, but they are so close it’s just easier to just call them “nieces”.  No matter the relation, Freda adores these two young girls and relishes the opportunity to play “Aunty” in fun ways.  She is always coming up with small creative gifts to send them during holidays and for special occasions.

Dollar Store Craft Obsession - Insects

I’m obsessed with my local Dollar Tree store!

Although there are 3 branches within 10 miles of my office, there is one directly on my drive to work.  It opens at 8:00 AM which means I can shop there and still be in my office by 8:45. This is both a blessing and a curse, as I’m sure I spend way more money then I should.  But the crafting inspiration I receive when I walk through those sliding doors is invaluable.

04 Mar 2014
Mardi Gras Shoes 2014 Creations|sophie-world.com

Mardi Gras is one of those crazy, over the top celebrations.  A week long party filled with color, music, and glitter...tons and tons of glitter!  If you ask my sister Freda, she can probably give you a pretty exact accounting of the glitter she uses every other year to make Mardi Gras Shoes for our beloved clients.  These individual works of art are handed out from floats in New Orleans.  This year she made 200 unique, hand crafted shoes. Each one was an individual masterpiece of glitz and glam.