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Every year I run this amazing week-long summer camp.

I was one of those incredibly lucky kids who grew up in an era where the "arts" (and when I say this I include things like metal shop, sewing, cooking, screen printing, woodworking, music, and visual arts) were all part of our curriculum.  This was the days before coding, so as kids in middle school, we were given the opportunity to try everything from baking cinnamon rolls to oil changes (and if you don't think that's an art, stop reading right now!). 

I LOVE treasure hunts.  Whether there are rhyming clues that lead you from one object to another, a map with hidden treasures along the way, or codes that one must crack to find the next destination, I am alllll in.  Case in point, my 30-year-old niece spent Easter with us, and of course, I made her hunt for her basket of See's chocolate.

Technology has changed so many things about the party industry, from inspirational decor photos to clever cupcake topper downloads.  None has been more affected than the invitation industry. 

I have to be completely honest with you...I keep waiting for the slime craze to end.  However, it shows no sign of slowing down.  For the umpteenth time this month, I find myself cursing myself for not purchasing stock in Elmer's.