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Party-Halloween 2014|sophie-world.com

Despite Halloween being over, I thought it might be fun to share some photos from our last big Halloween party, which was held on Halloween night. You may recall I blogged about these amazing, thematic Halloween parties which we have created throughout the years. After 7 years of amazing events my client and I decided this was to be our grand finale.

Together, we pulled out all of the stops to make this a Halloween to remember.

DIY Halloween Costume Shop|sophie-world.com

Every year I have the pleasure of working with LifeMoves in San Mateo County where we live.  LifeMoves provides housing and services for families in crisis or transition. Their mission is to keep families together, provide housing, and allow their clients to maintain a semblance of a “normal” life while they weather their individual challenges.  They provides safe shelter, nutritious food, counseling services, therapeutic childcare and afterschool activities as well as job and housing search assistance.

Sophie posing with Halloween dummies at sophie's world

In my long career as a party planner, I have been involved in some wonderful events.  But none have rivaled the Halloween celebrations of one of my favorite clients between the years of 2003 and 2011.

Time passes and our client’s children are now young adults.  The annual Halloween party has been set aside, like a favorite toy on the top of a forgotten shelf.  Although this breaks my heart, I know that all things must come to an end. This year I thought we would celebrate by taking a moment to look back at what we were able to achieve.  Often the things we created were well above the capacity of our tiny workshop.  But we made it happen, time and time again.  The events were not without their share of challenges either: horrid weather, scheduling conflicts, and a long, winding driveway that required everything to be carted in by hand or off-loaded into small vans.  As I look back, all I can do is shake my head.  Even now, I’m not sure how we made it all come to life year after year...but we did.

Enough said - here’s a spooky trip down memory lane.

A Halloween Craft Roundup|sophie-world.com

For me Halloween is basically my Christmas!  I get so excited when I see creative people coming up with amazing homemade costumes and decor.  

Every Halloween season I rent a 16 foot truck and fill it with the Halloween decor we have built and accumulated over the years - everything from a working guillotine (a carnival game that Stephen created) to more than 10 large boxes of skeletons and ghouls.  It’s a blast!  

Cute Halloween food ideas from a pumpkin and a princess|sophie-world.com

If there is one thing I admire more than anything, it's people who make magic with food.  I am a lousy cook.  However, I am the first one to get super excited about adorable treats!  And what better time to get creative with the vittles, than Halloween!  When I discovered A Princess and A Pumpkin's screaming banana I nearly caused my neighbors ceiling to collapse with my excited jumping up and down! What's great about this edible specter is It's simplicity.