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22 Dec 2016
christmas in NYC | sophie-world.com

This year, our team had the pleasure of returning to New York City for a second season with Brooks Brothers at their Annual Holiday Party benefitting St. Jude’s Children's Hospital.  The event itself went off without a hitch (unlike last year’s cookie fiasco). However, if anyone knows a good wholesale baker in New York, please send them our way!

Every holiday season my sister makes gift baskets.  It is one of the sweetest things she, or anyone, can do.  Although to her it's no big deal, the thought that goes into the items she chooses and the way they are arranged makes for a beautiful and heartwarming gift. I know for a fact that the recipients, which include not only friends and family, but all those who have been generous and kind throughout the year (the garbage man, our auto repair man, the mailman) feel very special receiving these handmade gifts.  

thank you fun express | sophie-world.com

Every year at this time, my team and I plan and run 4 holiday parties for organizations that support the homeless and at-risk population in the Bay Area.  These events range from small gatherings in the center’s dining hall, to large events in donated mansions. Each event is very special and has it’s own flavor.  One is all about making a stuffed animal, another about having quality time with Santa.

advent glam | sophie-world.com

It’s widely accepted that Christmas is a holiday for children; no school, playing in the snow, presents under the tree. It’s all about seeing those little faces light up with glee. In our family however, there is one person, more than any other, who loves Christmas presents. That’s my Dad, fondly referred to as “Deed” or “Al the Pal”.  My Deed is one of those guys who revels in presents, no matter what size.  He adores little treats, tiny toys, movies and video games. Basically, my Deed is a big kid.  

You Light up My Christmas|sophie-world.com

I have an amazingly blessed life!  I really do!  At no time is it more apparent than this time of the year.  The thoughtful gifts given to me by my family, friends, vendors, clients, and employees are at times overwhelming.

It never ceases to amaze me how clever the gifts can be.  Like the “I Love Duct Tape”sweatshirt that my beloved designer gave me.