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06 Nov 2014
Our last HUGE Halloween Party!
Party-Halloween 2014|sophie-world.com

Despite Halloween being over, I thought it might be fun to share some photos from our last big Halloween party, which was held on Halloween night. You may recall I blogged about these amazing, thematic Halloween parties which we have created throughout the years. After 7 years of amazing events my client and I decided this was to be our grand finale.

Together, we pulled out all of the stops to make this a Halloween to remember.

Halloween Party|Grand Entrance|sophie-world.com

Halloween Party|Driveway Decor|sophie-world.com

Halloween Party|Lawn Decor Zombies|sophie-world.com

The decorated driveway

The theme was “Terror through Time”.  We created a Time Tunnel entryway that led down the long driveway.  Swirling spirals of colored lights led the revelers past vignettes and museum-like descriptions of the past: The Great Ice Age, Hannibal Rising, The Defeat of the Vikings, The Burning of London, The Civil War, Assassinations of the 1960’s and The Death of Main Street.  

Halloween Party|Museum Like Decor|sophie-world.com

Halloween Party|Spooky Decor|sophie-world.com

Halloween Party|Lawn Decor|sophie-world.com

Historical vignettes

Guests were greeted by Mr. Bones, this year festooned as John Lennon, who peppered them with comments, jokes, and songs about having “NO BODY” to love.  Toxic Popcorn was served, along with a fine array of candies and sweets.

Halloween Party|Food|sophie-world.com

Halloween Party|Spoof|sophie-world.com

An outdoor carnival complete with a French guillotine, a nod to the creation of dynamite, a wind tunnel filled with play money, a futuristic alien shoot out, and a castle crashing catapult allowed kids the opportunity to win fantastic prizes.  

Halloween Party|Games|sophie-world.com

There were sumo suits, a tiny tot zone, mini s’mores, a fortune teller, a DJ, and my personal favorite, giant blow up bubbles that people rolled around in on the pool.

 Halloween Party|Games|sophie-world.com

There was something for everyone.  A great way to end the month of October, and get us set for a fresh, crisp, November, where we can focus on family and all that we are thankful for.