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10 Oct 2012
How to make your own Halloween graveyard
Make your own Halloween graveyard|sophie-world.com

Whenever I think of Halloween decor, I think of graveyards. It’s funny, because I actually think that graveyards are really interesting places, filled with history and beautiful craftsmanship. They can be awesome inspiration for scavenger hunts (as in, find the tombstone with clasped hands, or the tombstone of a war veteran, etc.) and often a very quiet place to take a walk and reflect.


Spooky, fun graveyard|sophie-world.com

However, in the great fear lexicon, I think graveyards rank right up there with zombies and demons. Without a doubt, if you want to create a spooky environment for your party, a graveyard entryway is the way to go. And what makes a graveyard a graveyard? Tombstones! The best thing about it is that the basic tombstone is actually pretty easy to make, but the decorating possibilities are endless. In fact, it’s a great family activity for pretty much every age. Start a tradition of making new tombstones every year, and pretty soon you’ll have a graveyard that can rival Cypress Lawn Memorial Park.

Here's how we make our tombstones.

And here are some of my favorite clever sayings to put on your tombstones:

Here lies the dentist McGavity, filling up, his last cavity.  Gone for good, and a good thing too!

Here lies an atheist, all dressed up with no place to go.

Joke's over, let me out now!

’ll be back...

In life, I was Fred, now all I am, is dead

I told you I was sick!

Died from not forwarding that chain letter (or e-mail / text) to 10 friends

Once you’re over the hill, you pick up speed

Here lies the body of Jonah Drake; stepped on the gas, instead of the brake

Our spooky graveyard|sophie-world.com