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12 Oct 2012
How to make a ground-popping ghoul!
Ground Popping Ghoul|sophie-world.com

What graveyard would be complete without a few spooky creatures breaking through the earth in search of a tasty midnight morsel? I remember the first time I was ever really scared by a movie. My dad had taken me to see the Stephen King movie Carrie. I had done amazingly well throughout the whole movie. That was until the only girl to survive the high school prom goes to visit Carrie’s grave, and a hand pops out from underground and starts dragging her under. I screamed like a banshee! I think I literally tossed my popcorn in the air.
They can be as tall or as short as you like|sophie-world.com

So, if you are going to make a graveyard for your next Halloween party, then you are going to most definitely need a ghoulie or two! The best thing is that most beasties can be created from things you can find in your garage or thrift store. You might need one trip to the hardware store as well.  Here's how Hanna and I created our ghoul.  We also have a YouTube video of the project.

Yard sales and thrift stores are the perfect place to find things like old latex masks and inexpensive clothes. When Halloween is over, take all the pieces apart (we like to rubber band all the like sizes together for convenience’s sake), box up and save for next year. You can make it a family tradition to do one set of tombstones and ghoulies each year, adding to their number over time, until you’ve got your very own, Night of the Living Dead!


He appears tobe coming up from the ground|sophie-world.com