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19 Aug 2019
A Harry Potter Treasure Hunt | You Made It! I Love It!

Anyone who knows me, knows that my favorite party in the world is a Harry Potter party!  In fact, if you've ever been to one of my HP parties then you know I play all the characters myself - from Professor McGonagal to Mr. Olivander,  Madame Hooch, and my favorite..."Professor" Snape!  Every now and again I get to channel Emma Thompson and do Madame Trelawney.  Needless to say, if I could spend by life doing Harry Potter parties, I would.  But given that I don't have a time-turner and have yet to pass my apparition test, I can't do every Harry Potter party out there.

However...in doing some research for an upcoming Harry Potter party (yes, I still do in-depth research because there are just so many incredibly talented people out there on this wonderful well of sharing called the internet) I stumbled upon this amazing site that I just had to share.  Queen of Theme Party Games offers up reasonably priced (around $15.00 per download) full out, no thought on your part, treasure hunts.  Sure...you have to print, cut out, and hide the clues...but the rest of its already been done for you!

What I found the most brilliant, was the "Queen's" way of making the clues work for everyone, no matter how large or small their playing space.  Each puzzle or clue gives the players a number...and that number corresponds to a list.  That list is created by you, so you can work with what you have around you.  You assign the hiding spots on the list, then fill in the rest of the spots with other random locations which are just bogus hiding spots that hold "curse cards" (think, "acting like a chicken" until the next clue is solved, type of thing) which keeps precocious guests from just using the master list as their treasure map. 

I am dying to spend some time on this site.  There are all sorts of themes from Stranger Things to Death Note and even thematic "escape rooms" that I'm curious to check out. 

 The Queen says that most hunts take about an hour...so figure 15 minutes for everyone to arrive, 30 minutes for food and cake, 15 minutes for presents....with one download, you got yourself a party.