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22 Dec 2016
Christmas in New York
christmas in NYC | sophie-world.com

This year, our team had the pleasure of returning to New York City for a second season with Brooks Brothers at their Annual Holiday Party benefitting St. Jude’s Children's Hospital.  The event itself went off without a hitch (unlike last year’s cookie fiasco). However, if anyone knows a good wholesale baker in New York, please send them our way!

This year I came away with one distinct thought - There really is no place like New York at Christmas.  The air has this crisp chill that adds a briskness to you step, a sniffle to your nose, and a warmth in your heart.  I have to admit to reverting back to a state of awe and wonder at seeing the City all decked out in it’s Holiday finest.  After having lived there years ago, I had forgotten just how magical the Holidays can be.  Taking a stroll down 5th Avenue was like entering into an Alice in Wonderland experience.  Every window, no matter how small, sported some sort of holiday flair.  A few of the highlights:

St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the midst of Monday night mass

Watching the light show on the Saks building

The tree at Rockefeller Center (which may just be one of the most astounding engineering feats known to mankind - how they make that ginormous tree stand so securely is beyond me)

 and the windows!

By and far, the most inspiring and unbelievable windows belong to Bergdorf Goodman.  This year’s rainforest theme was off the hook.  I have never seen such intricate work.  Every detail, every leaf, every tiny crystal dewdrop is so meticulously placed. It’s like looking into an eye-spy book. There’s just so much to take in.  Personally, I could have just stayed at the monkey window all night.  

Last year, due to a case of nerves and a bad knee, I refrained from the 5th Avenue stroll. I was bound and determined to take in the sights this year.  I know I must have looked like the biggest tourist to hit Manhattan since Kevin in Home Alone 2, but I don’t care...I loved every open-mouth, wide-eyed moment.  

I love the Bay Area, and am so happy to call it my home. However, if I have to be honest, after over 25 years away, my heart still belongs to New York...especially at Christmas.