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Ahhhhh Fall...is there anything more soothing and romantic than watching the trees change colors?  I know you frequently hear this from folks who, like I am, are East Coast transplants, but the one major thing that San Francisco lacks is four seasons.  Sure we have our own seasons: Summer means fog, Fall means Indian Summer, Winter (hopefully) means rain, and Spring, is just sort of a mixture of all three.

17 Sep 2018

It's been crazy town in my world of late.  I'm not sure if other people feel it too, but time just seems to be slipping away this year.  I feel like my life is on fast forward!  I mean...wasn't it just June last week?

Although I usually equate ice cream cones with summer, I didn't want to have to wait another 9 months to showcase these mini showstoppers from Handmade Charlotte.  

Photos are a huge part of our social scene nowadays.  Although I think the "photo booth" craze is waning, due to the fact that everyone takes selfies on their phones, the option of standing in front of a fun or beautiful backdrop still has appeal and lure.  

Recently we helped host a "Sip and See", basically an party where the family introduces a new baby to their friends.  It was meant to be an elegant brunch, so we wanted a really special backdrop that would not only match the decor but serve as an accent piece in the room.