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slime fixes and fails | sophie-world.com

For some reason known only to the Universe and YouTube, slime has resurfaced and become a sensation.  Chalk it up to viral videos, or maybe something in the school lunch program, but recently kids began making slime again - like they were working for Nickelodeon. In fact, the trend was so hot for awhile, that Amazon actually ran out of Elmer's glue, or at least that's the urban myth.  

Team building events can be tricky.  Finding the right combination of team members, finding something that is challenging and engaging, finding something that can bind all the teams together but instill a healthy sense of competition, something that allows people to use their various skill sets, and, most importantly is fun, can be a daunting task.  So when a client recently contacted me and asked me to help organize a team building event for her company, I inwardly cringed.  That is, until I found out what her idea was.

I am a huge fan of cardboard!  I use it for making everything from arcade and carnival games, to locker organizers, to dollhouses.  Cardboard is one of the best building tools you can give a kid.

Sunday night my sister, mom and I made a trek to one of my favorite spots, Sacramento.  I’m there once a month to appear on the daily TV show Sac and Co sharing a craft project with my dear friend, host Mellisa Paul.

PVC Sand and Water Table | sophie's world

In the kids party biz PVC pipe is an invaluable building supply.  We use it for everything from Harry Potter Quidditch hoops to designing our own water parks.  I've always thought of PVC pipes as oversized tinker toys - you can basically build anything with them.