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02 Sep 2022

In the last couple of years, there have been many changes in Sophie's Stress Free Soirees world. Sophie and the business excitingly have moved to Sacramento. With that being said, our starting budget for parties and events in the Bay Area is $5,000.00.

As a party planner who specializes in crafts for the young and young at heart, I am always on the lookout for new products to enhance my crafting.  I do a great many large events where I will have up to 100 people crafting at any given moment. This means I use a lot of product.  It also means that I need products that produce good results,  Which is why I was so excited when the good folks over at ARTIQO sent me 2 sets of their oil based markers to try out.

16 Jun 2022

I drive a lot.  Granted, I live in California where car culture is king.  But it seems I drive more than most.  Part of being a personalized party planner is that I "bring the party to you".  Meaning I come to your house or event space - often in a van filled to the brim with supplies and decor.  Since the inception of my business I have driven everything from hatchbacks, to a pickup truck, small van, full size van, on up to 16

I have always loved to play games.  It has been a huge part of my events for as long as I have held them.  Games allow for all sorts of expression.  They allow shy guests to open up, everyone to get to know one another and in the case of large groups of rambunctious boys, it allows them to burn

One of my favorite pre-COVID parties was my Iron Chef party.  You would be amazed by the level of cooking skills 11, 12 and even 10-year-old kids possess. I credit YouTube and the Food Network.  Some of these kids had better knife skills than me, and I chop chicken breast into tiny bite-size pieces for a finicky dog every day.